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The best in the biz

Having purchased a few items from GAK now I can safely say the service is outstanding.

They respond to emails promptly and answer questions very well.
The staff on the phones are very helpful and actually seem to enjoy their jobs. I've called for advice on the best set up after buying a product and they were happy to help.

Delivery is very good. My goods arrived the next day and I could track the basic order info online. DPD would be better though because they tell you within the hour and update you with txts and options to adjust the delivery time. Still, fed ex have been good.

The prices at GAK are excellent. They are as cheap if not cheaper than every other company and quite often you get a free gift (related to what you buy) just to sweeten the deal.

I can't recommend them highly enough

Money For Your Phone

Very dodgy, Failed to return my items !

This company promises you a high offer for your phone.
Then they lowball you.
If you reject the offer they send you a slightly higher offer.
If you reject that then they send you your phone back.

This was the case with me and while I have received my phone back I have NOT received the case it was in OR the charger and charging cable.

The phone was in the case when it was sent so they have physically taken it off and kept it.

Since they have only sent the phone with no note about the rest of my things this amounts to theft.

They offer no email address to contact them on their website. Neither do they provide a phone number to call them on. This in itself is against the sales of goods act and should show you how dodgy they are.

I googled and found a number to contact them on but I was kept in a loop of being kept on hold and being "transfered" to STILL being on hold for over 15 minutes. Very very dodgy.

I have sent a complaint to them using an email address I found on correspondence and Im also preparing a full official complaint to the Ombudsman and Trading Standards.



A big let down

I told 3 friends about this site and they all joined from my referal yet I wasnt paid the referal bonus for any of them.

Small amounts of cashback were paid in after a long time waiting but when I made some big purchases the cashback never arrived even though my click to the vendor was registered.

I have gone through the procedures set out on the site to try and rectify these problems but have yet to receive any response at all and its been over a month for the cashback problem and several months for the referal problem.

Its almost as though the site is just set up and left to run with nobody checking it or looking at emails.

I wont bother with them again, its just not worth the hassle chasing pennies


Slow compared to the old lovefilm service but still a money saver.

I joined this company as a Lovefilm games refugee and they do have a broad selection of games advertised for rental but it seems that most have long wait times.
Strangely the older games that you would expect to be quicker to post out actually seem to take longer.

New games arent too much of a wait to get hold of but the turn around is pretty slow. Whereas with lovefilm I could send a game back and get a new one 2 days later im finding that with boomerang im sending games back and getting a new one 1 to 2 weeks later which is pretty poor.

Still, if you add up that you could have at least 2 games per month its still cheaper to rent than it is to buy, even pre-owned especialy since games are becoming more and more prohibitively expensive.

The returns envelopes are good and simple to use.

Overall, fair service, saves a lot of money but needs growth


Good service. Very sad that games have gone

I'll get this out of the way first..... Taking games rentals away was such a kick in the balls ! It was the best service by FAR and I cant understand why they stopped it.

Anyway, the movie rental service is really good. I've had my account for a long time now and Ive pretty much always had discs sent to me that I marked as high priority.
I've only had a couple of scratched discs in all my time with lovefilm and the customer services dealt with it well, sending me both a replacement copy AND the next movie on the list as a free extra rental which didnt take away from my disc limit.

The streaming service isnt as good as netflix YET but I have noticed more stuff going on since the games rentals have been scrapped and I anticipate a surge of great titles and a vast improvement now they are concentrating on movies only.
Having said this, the streaming service is decent and definitly keeps you with lots to watch in between disc deliveries (which are very fast).

I had a message on the streaming saying that LG smart TVs made in 2011 would no longer be supported as of October but Lovefilm gave me an amazon voucher code for a FREE Sony smart bluray player worth £60 so that I can still stream direct to my TV.
I was very very impressed with this move and it only increases my expectations of an already good service to become great and topple Netflix.

So, come for the service and stay for the ongoing improvements


Exemplary Service

I've had the full experience with guitarguitar.
The first guitar I bought developed a problem (Manufacturer fault) and guitarguitar were incredibly helpful. They didnt moan about the return, they didnt try to wriggle out of anything. They even sent me new packaging to return my guitar in at no extra cost to me.

Once my guitar arrived back to them there was still no fuss. They made me feel like a valued customer and even knocked the price down for my replacement guitar and threw in some strings which I thought was very generous.

The service is fast and the delivery is excellent. You get email and txt confirmation of your order plus email and txt updates on delivery such as the day it will arrive with options to change it and then when the time gets closer they even tell you to within the hour when it will arrive. It makes the whole thing much easier and predictable.

I couldnt have asked for more from guitarguitar and I they are now my number 1 choice for musical instrument purchases, especially as they will do price matches.

Online Gothic

Fast reliable service. Quality control not 100%

Website was very easy to navigate and use. The products are great although some Alchemy brand products dont look like the picture but thats Alchemy's own pictures at fault.

Everything arrived very quickly in good packaging and responses from customer services were fairly quick and helpful.

My only negative comment is that one of the stud earrings I bought arrived bent. Its was easily straightened but it still should have been noticed during the picking process. Having said this im still definitely planning on purchasing more from this shop

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