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To whomever it concerns,

I writing to make a compensation claim for very disappointing service including severely damaged consignment.

Firstly your telephone number given on UK website for making a claim does not work; nor does your details of transit liability .pdf work, neither does your customer services email.

My recourse, therefore, to resolve the following matter is to contact every possible DPD service, as your policy for making a complaint are not effective or user-friendly, eg making a complaint via a handwritten form seems rather outdated considering the rest of your operation relies upon modern information technologies.

What follows is a brief understanding of what has happened to my consignment whilst under your 'care'; I use the term very lightly.

The consignment arrived yesterday, Wednesday 28. This was your second attempt - the first, as I understand, was dispatched on or near to 4 August, but was damaged before it left Spain and was reported, resulting in resenting of consignment.

Unfortunately the contents of the second one was also severely damaged upon receipt by myself in UK: 3 bottles had been broken; all other bottles covered in tiny shards of glass (which proved very time-consuming and dangerous to clean); all labelling damaged and now foul-smelling as a result of the package not being kept upright/maltreated.

When I spoke to your phone operator on the phone, on Tuesday 27, he claimed the consignment never even made its first delivery to my address, claiming that the address was written incorrectly, and so they left a calling card at someone else's address.

At some point, though, during the transfer of goods the postcode had been changed to CB23QQ, but the original label printed by Tasting drops (clearly still visible on box) had the correct postcode: CBXX XX. Agreed the X was missing.

Also the address format was slightly different from UK format, but nonetheless CBXX XX along with clearly defined lane name and lane number should have been ample information to get the parcel to XXXXXXX Lane, my address. In fact if you google "cbXX XXX XXXXXXXl" my home address address comes up - ON A MAP! Try it! Quite frankly, if a delivery company cannot work this out they are in the wrong business.

It is very clear that your delivery company had not looked after this parcel as I would expect them to (I've copied email to Robert King (DPD International claims)). As a delivery company you are responsible for the safe and secure delivery of my consignment and therefore in failing to you now need to be providing compensation for failing to deliver on time, securely and safely.

I hold your company fully responsible for the damaged caused to the whole consignment and for it not being delivered on time for an anniversary party, last Sunday and expect full compensation for both delay and damage.

As aforementioned, I have tried to follow official complaints/claims procedure, yet have found the whole process ineffective, with many barriers to make the procedure inaccessible. I have provided the fully information - above and below - which is required to make a claim in another European country (NL) and as the consignment came from Spain. I ask that this be forwarded on to the relevant department (which I cannot get easily access too) immediately so my compensation claim is rightly resolved.

Below is the information required by your company (as on your NL website) to make a claim within EU:

Parcel number: 07081001592226D.
Shipping date: 04.08.2013 (first attempt); 14.08.2013 (second attempt!)
18 bottles of red wine; 3 broken all rest have soiled labelling; wooden cutting board wine-stained. Value €187.
Description of your complaint (see above and attached images).
Your contact information (Timothy XXXXXXX, 01223 XXX XXX, GB)
Fabio, the seller contact in Spain, should support my claim, with extra information on the antecedents, invoice etc, posting dates. He can be contacted on XXXX@XXXXXX.com.

I now expect this to be the best recourse to compensation from your company and wish to hear a swift response with 2 working days, or will take the matter to higher levels of management responsibility. I will not rest until this matter is resolved to my full satisfaction.

Yours faithfully

Timothy Robinson

30 August 2013

Reply from DPD UK

Hi Timothy,

I'm really sorry that you have had this experience. If you wish to discuss this matter with one of our customer service agents, please email socialmedia@dpd.co.uk and copy this review into the email, along with your contact number. One of our agents will then call you to discuss this and hopefully find a satisfactory solution for you.

Kind regards,


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