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Order never complete

Have ordered a few times from this company and have never received a complete order.
With my first order for couple hundred there was an item missing (out of stock) which they said they would send later but never heard anything, so I placed another order requesting that they include the missing item from the previous order and when I received the order the previous missing item was included but an item from the new order missing (out of stock), again never received missing item so I contacted them saying that I am placing a new order and sent them a list first to make sure they had it all in stock ths time and received a reply saying they did, so I went ahead and placed the order, but even then items were missing. Some arrived broken while others they sent different sizes later saying they did not have stock of the correct size so sent me different ones, without asking and when they had told me they had it all in stock.

I gave them one last chance and placed another order last week, £50 worth of the items arrived with parts broken from it, yet the broken pieces were not in the package for some of them, suggesting they were sent broken.

Since then they have twice arranged to come and pick up the broken items which I sent them pictures of and bring non broken ones with them to leave me, both days I wasted the whole day waiting in for them and they never turned up and are now not replying to my emails.

Will be contacting my bank on Monday to file a claim and will never be using them again.

Better off paying a little more elsewhere and actually getting what I ordered.


Worst company you can ever deal with

Have been with them 2 years and the connection has always been poor. I recently called them and the service i received was appaling, so i hung up and called the next day and the same again.

I then cancelled the service and they had the cheek to call me and ask me to go back with them, again the lady on the phone was anything but friendly when they are trying to get my custom back.

I have now moved over to BT, who are cheaper and the service has been just amazing the last 2 weeks with them.

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Arrived very late, otherwise ok.


Appalling Customer Service

I placed an order with this company for over £900 this was 5 days ago and heard nothing other then an order confirmation email and today i decided to email them to ask when they will be shipping my order as it had already been 5 days.

Order number 27773

I received an email back few hours later to inform me that all the items i have ordered are out of stock.

Really. So it took them and email from me and 5 days to realize they have no stock of my orders yet they where quick enough to take my money out of my account and now i am told it will take them another 7days to process a refund.

There was no apology in the email and i also rang them and was offered no apology and told if their out of stock their out of stock .

Now i wont get my refund for another 7days by which time the sales will be over so i saved up for nothing.



I just received a phone call from someone who said they were a supervisor who explained that there was a hurricane and this is why there has been no replieS to my emails but this complain is not regarding just the emails.

The phone call came from the following number (718) 502-6175 he went on to say that he will email me the details and instructions of returning the earphones to a UK address and then went on to say that he would like me to change my feedback here to which i said i would do only after the product was returned and refund given and he continued to ask that i then update the feedback and again i refused to do this untill i was issued a refund at which point the phone was disconnected (not by me) i am not sure if he hung up or it cut off but i would guess he hang up because i refused and i have still not received an email with the return details that he has promised.

I purchased a pair of earphones from this company for over £600 and received a faulty unit then when i contacted the company i was told by someone called Alex that i have to send the earphone back to the manufacturer as they cannot do anything as the item was opened.
How would i know the item was faulty without opening the box?
After quoting the return policy on the site and trading laws i was told that they are not even an authorised dealer and that i should have known this when buying from them because authorised dealers are not allowed to sell under the manufacturers suggested retail price and slr hut prices are much lower and i should have known the risks.
Long story short i threatened to claim my money back through my credit card company when they agreed to accept the return and was told i could return it to the UK address because this was send from USA which they dont say in there site and i expected it to ship from UK.
I then received an email asking me to return it to the USA as this is better for them but i have to at my expense which will cost £80.

I have now contacted them several times asking them to give me a UK return address but have received no reply and i also called today and after talking to them for over 20minutes they cut me off when i asked them for the UK return address.

If i dont hear from them soon i will open a claim with my card company.


I wonder if i still get the free camera kit they promise for leaving a rview for them here worth £89


Not bad.

The outer box and the contents were a little dusty, otherwise OK.

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