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Rip off and Useless - never shop there again

I was looking for a new laptop, after a bit of research found one on the pcworld website. It was available in different colour choices so I thought a black finish would be better...oh, that was more money (£430). Oh well I'll go for a blue one, nope none left, ended up reserving a purple one for £399 as it wasn't available for home delivery. So I went down to the store to collect my reserved laptop. Whilst I was waiting for the staff to come over I noticed the laptop I had ordered. There was a black one for the same price as the purple one for £399 (hang on a min, they were different prices on the website). Eventually someone came over to help I told them I was after this particular laptop in black. Off he goes to go and get one, comes back to say there aren't any. He looks on the store computer, great he can order one and they'll deliver it. (remember the website listed it as not available for home delivery) Brilliant I'll do that then. So he tries to order it, only he doesn't know how. Tells me to go home and order online. I remind him it's more expensive online and not available for home delivery...again.
He then tells me to come back in store the next day and someone else will be able to order it for me.
I return to the store the next day....the price has gone up !!! Not just the black one but all the colours. I get to speak to someone about ordering the laptop in black and I tell them what had happened. He said it was now the new price unless I'd reserved it....I had, I never told the guy the day before I'd come to collect it. So this guy now asks who dealt with me the day before. Just as he said that the guy from the day before walked past so I pointed him out. Great now I've got 2 numpties to deal with. Between them they call up my's been cancelled by head office they tell me. The reason why because of the price increase. I asked to see the manager. a young kid comes over who then tells me that I need to spend more money to get £30 off the laptop price and that there is nothing I can do.
So basically you reserve something which gets cancelled so they can increase the price....hmm I think a little chat with trading standards might be in order.
What a bunch of retards. I will never shop here again, they're just incompetent idiots. They need to up their standards and quick before they follow comet.

Easy Wellies

Excellent boots, excellent service, excellent price

I ordered some new wellies for my wife as her Jules wellies have split and falling apart (only 5 months old and a Christmas present).
We found Easy Wellies on the web, having read their recommendations for good dog walking boots we chose a pair or ROK boots. They arrived in no time. They are brilliant boots and would highly recommend. The quality is loads better than the Jules brand. The price was good, the website is excellent and the product exceptional.
I will be ordering some new ones soon. I am on my 2nd pair of Hunters since Christmas as they split as well. I walk the dog 3 times a day around the farm land opposite our house. I will certainly order from Easy Wellies again.


Terrible customer service

I ordered a fragrance for my wife's birthday. I hadn't realised there are 2 versions. Anyway I ordered the wrong one. This was 8pm one evening. Having noticed my mistake I emailed them to change it and pay the difference. I informed them of my phone number as well. I didn't receive a reply until 3.30 the next day to tell me it was too late. A few minutes later I then received another email to tell me it had been dispatched. I tried to call them to ask why it had taken them until the late afternoon to get back to me and then immediately tell me it had been dispatched. A well managed company would check the emails and act accordingly with plenty of time to amend the order.

They're crap.


Virtual servers are really good

I have been with 1 and 1 for a couple of months now and everything is really good. The virtual server support is based in the UK and are quick to resolve any issues. The features of the server are great for the money, very good value. I don't really use them for anything else but may use them for managing domains.

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Fasthosts Internet

The worst hosting company in the UK.

I used to have a reseller account and a virtual server with them, I still have over 100 domains...but not for long.
Firstly the reseller account, it got hacked a few years ago after a security breach. So I dropped them as quick as I could. Last year I was looking for a virtual server and decided to try them again. What a waste of time, the support was useless. In all this time I have kept my domains registered with them, as it would have meant alot of downtime for my customers. I have just over 100. Recently their support has been moved abroad. Big mistake. I now have issues with domain names not being renewed even though they have taken payment for them. I have now logged over 30 support calls with them, all I get is we will esculate the issue and it will be resolved within the hour. still not working. My customer is going mental and rightly so. I can't move the domain away as it saying it has expired and won't allow me to make any changes in the control panel.
Avoid like the plague.
I am now in the process of moving the domains elsewhere.

PC Specialist Ltd

Delayed delivery and wrong graphics cards.

When I ordered the machine online it indicated that it would take longer than normal. I was informed it would take 11 working days for delivery. It also said I was to be informed of progress. Everytime I checked it said the samething. When I called I was told I should have been contacted about a delay due to parts no arriving on time. Fine, no problems I can live with that. Upon opening the box I checked it and noticed the graphics cards was not what I ordered, I ordered a 2 port DVI card it came with 1 DVI, 1 VGA and 1 HDMI. I called them straight away, I was told there had been an error with the delivery of the cards. OK so what can you do about it. They've sent me a HDMI - DVI adapter. Great at least I can get some work done....No the adapter doesn't fit in the slot as there is a plate of metal preventing it from being inserted. There suggest fix, was to remove the plate. Now there is a hole in the back of the case.I wasn't to happy about and told them. They have said I can remove the card, send it back and get a refund then go and buy my own card. Not very good, specially as there was a choise of other 2 x DVI cards, they could have said Sorry about the mess up, please send the old card back and we will send you a replacement, even if it cost them a little more money. If they'd have done that then I would have given 5 stars. It's all about quality customer service, which seems to be lacking.

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