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Effective, if a little time consuming.

It has everything you need from ASDA, all your shopping needs for your everyday need. though I have to admit I find the site a little time consuming, and to be honest I do prefer to shop in-store, theres a little less choice in-store but your in and out in a time scale you want and you can pick the fresher packs.


What do I need to say... It's Apple

Well what needs to be said.... (nothing really) its Apple, its a breeze to use, and the customer support is beyond expectation.

It's everything you expect and more.


Does the job it needs to simply.

For entertainment and quality it really is in a league of its own, there really isn't any competition for the products they have.
I wouldn't be with out Sky at all.
There are 2 little niggles with sky tho'
1 You can't access the 3D package without having all the packages (I'm a little disappointed by this, as I have everything except Sports package, and thats not because I would buy the sports package except I have no real interest in them at all, I' a film and Tv guy not a sports person)
2 I would like to see Sky do the same as BT and thats develop in other areas such as the purchase of technology. The BT shop on their webpage sells related technologies i.e. computers, hard-drives and Tv's etc... Maybe this is something sky would contemplate doing as I would like the idea of buying that kinda of stuff from a company I trust.


Would use anyone else.

I use Travelodge whenever I stay anywhere, they understand my needs and the service is impeccable, they also allow me to take my dogs with me where ever I stay. they are also very reasonably priced and are usually in the centre of any town or city

I highly recommend using them to anyone who want a short or even long break, that has disabilities or animals.


Good all round...

I use Game to purchase all my games for XBox Wii etc..
Just a little disappointed that they are struggling and are closing most of there stores down.
I don't even know where my nearest store is anymore


Somedays Good, Somedays Bad.

I have had some fantastic customer service from Currys especially when I bought a new tv,and I was a regular customer and user. However going back to the same store a couple of days later to buy something else, I bought the product, was not happy with the condition of the product that they brought out to me (It looked like it had been kick around the warehouse in a game of football, not to mention coffee stains all over the box and the box was severely damaged) when asked about the state/condition of the item they did not want to know or help, that much so the assistant told me to quote "SHUT UP AND LISTEN" and there was even the manager stood next to the asst ant who didn't even care.
I asked for a refund (which I got from a different manager) and then phoned customer relations from home, who I must say DID NOTHING!! intact they promised a call back which never happened.
From all this I now refuse to shop there at all and advise anyone and everyone to go elsewhere.


Going Down Hill quite fast.

Over the recent months I have started to see the customer services slip in my local stores; not to mention that the prices are creeping up and are become less competitive with other out lets. Because of this it means I have been looking elsewhere for my items and to be honest finding them cheaper and with better customer service.
I am just generally un-happy with the overall service and value I now get from Argos.



I have to admit I'm a little of a FatFace junkie, I only wear FatFace clothing, I have tried many others and have always been very disappointed, their clothes never wear out; and I have put them through there paces over the years.
I would recommend and have done on several occasions that everybody should have a least some FatFace Clothing (even if its just for its durability and that fact they last a life time)
I have always had the best customer service you could possibly ask for from FatFace.
There is one slight little niggle that does bug the life out of me about the retail stores. They are NOT disabled friendly at all Mens wear is usually upstairs and due to reasons I won't get it to, I can no longer get upstairs, this saddens me as now there is only 2 places i can shop for my beloved FatFace wears 1 is MeadowHall Shopping Mall the other is online (please don't get me wrong both are amazing and customer services are fantastic, but when I go to other cites or towns I feel a little let down I can not go in and browse in one of my favourite shops)


Absolutely atrocious.

I used dominos online a few months ago, it was an awful experience, It took my order and my money.... I waited and no delivery, I phoned the local store to see what was happening, I quote "we haven't received your order, you will have to phone customer services. Anyway to cut a long story short nearly 4 hours later I managed to get a refund.
But needless to say their customer relations is appalling. The in-store manager was clueless and rude and their customer services team was un helpful and arrogant.

"HURRAH" For PizzaHut who haven't let me down yet!


Trusted, safe and reliable.

I use HMV for most of my physical purchases relating to media (i.e. Blu-rays, games etc..)
I tend to go with companies I can trust and this is certainly one of them.
They not only have stores in just about every major town, but their online facilities are quick and easy to use.
I have only one little issue with HMV and that is at one time their back catalogue was hugely extensive, but it seems these day a little less impressive, and I have been a little disappointed in recent months.

John Lewis

Quick and effective

I use John Lewis a lot not only online but in store too, they have a range of services and I have used many of them. Their delivery is normally free and doesn't usually take to long, plus they have an effective "click and collect" service which usually means you can collect the item 24hours after your order.
I would recommend John Lewis not only on service and quality but on price too, I have noticed in recent years that many of their items are very reasonably priced.
Plus for things like house hold items I really don't want to shop anywhere else.

Protect your bubble

Simple and effective

I thought the process was simple and effective, tho' a little disappointed you can only insure items under 12 months old; but never the less, I found it easy to do and items that can be insured are done so without fuss and fairly cheaply too.
Will definitely be using in the future for all gadgets under 12 months old.

Mazuma Mobile

Excellent service, will come back.

No Problems, No Quibbles, No Fuss, Absolutely easy, have used the service before and probably will again.

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