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discusting customer service

discusting service overcharging on overdraft all the time stopped me from accessing my account because i was a few pounds over my limit so i had to ring them and pay about 500 from witch they will give me access again and pay me back 100 pound in a few days which they never did and cus i had to pay this money i nearly lost out on work on ferries at the time because i needed money for travel luckly i borrowed some then they charged me 50 pound which made me go over the limit again then they start charging me extorchinate charges again for being over the limit when it was them that caused it this was 2 years ago now but i will not pay them because they caused me to go over the limit but have contacted them now complaining and they have failed to reply to me so i will contact ombusmen next yet my friend had the same problem a bout a year ago and they paid her whole overdraft off and offered her a loan when she is constantly going over her limit seems they have got there prioritys very wrong

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