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Hello Hermes (should you read this),

I am writing to you in regards to a concern that i have, I am a regular online shopper & unfortunately a few companies that I regularly use to delivery my online good use Hermes as the courier. I understand that all of your couriers are self employed, and in my particular area a man called [name] is the courier. Every single time he delivers goods to my house, where it be for myself, my siblings or a tenant- he always without fail leaves a 'sorry i missed you card' & never delivers the parcel. There have been cases where my items have been sent back to the company because he has apparently attempted to deliver 3 times unsuccessfully. I work from home therefore i am ALWAYS home so it makes little sense how i can miss his deliveries.

He leaves a telephone number for which he does not answer calls, call back, respond to txt messages or do what has been requested. It is impossible to get through to this courier or to make him understand the importance and urgency of some of these deliveries.

I have missed 3 of his attempts to deliver a router from my new broadband company which needs installing in a few days- if it is not with me by 6th September then my business broadband will not be installed which i have waited 3 weeks for.

I have no choice but to complain to you as a company because you have employed him to carry out a job which he seems unfit to do. Please please check that your couriers are doing their job properly and check up on them because this is really unprofessional & is giving you a bad name. I have contacted ALL of the companies of whom use you as their courier and i have informed them that they no longer have me as a customer due to the issue i have with the Hermes Courier in my area. This is bad for your business, as if more and more people start doing this (i know that my sister and mother already have aswell) then the only people it will have a negative effect on is you.

I really do hope that you take what i have said here into consideration and take this matter further to resolve this issue.

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