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Scan Computers

Impressive service.

After shopping at websites like Amazon and, mainly for their free delivery services, I decided to try another site; Scan is much more dedicated to Computer components and it really shows. There are many options that are clearly aimed at people who build computers, such as a custom basket that allows you to pick each of the parts you will need for a computer so that you don't miss anything or forget to buy a specific part. The bundles and pre-constructed components are very good value for money, and have no nonsense like some other websites.

During my time using Scan I did not run into any issues or serious problems, my only minor gripe being that they could improve the layout of the site a small amount, but it is by no means bad. The service is what really impressed me about this site; Throughout the process of purchasing a product, you're given constant updates on the progress of your payment, delivery and other important information, that are sent through both text(SMS) and E-Mail, so that you are sure not to miss any important updates. Very impressive service on Scan's part, that I am really not used to after using sites that I listed above.

The choice of delivery service was also very good. DPD, who I have also written a positive review for on this site, also gave me updates and information on the progress of my package, and even gave me a very precise time-span of when my package will arrive, that - even more surprisingly - was absolutely accurate. The packaging the product (an expensive and somewhat fragile computer component) arrived in was stellar - not over the top with masses of paper and bubble wrap, and not underpackaged in just a shoddy little cardboard box. There was enough bubble wrap to protect the package, but not so much that I had to send a search party out to find the product in it! Well worth the small £4.19 I had to pay for delivery, it really shows it's premium quality.

After my product was delivered, on time and in perfect condition, I sent positive feedback to the staff at scan, and received a very friendly response from the staff there, and so I decided that after this extremely positive experience, it would be rude not to write a review about their service!

Very impressive service that I am really not used to after using other sites, very good choice of delivery service and friendly staff. Top-notch, I will be buying products here again.


Impressive service

DPD's service was very good. As soon as my parcel, a very expensive and potentially fragile Computer Component (GTX 770 Video Card) purchased from, was dispatched to them, I was given constant feedback and information on the whereabouts and status of my package, through text and email.

What was most impressive about this service was something that I have never seen another delivery service do, a precise 1 hour time-frame of when my package would be delivered, which even more shockingly, was completely and totally 100% accurate. It was predicted that my package would arrive between 11:15am, and 12:15am, and - to my surprise having dealt with other less reliable delivery services - my package arrived at 11:30am on the dot.

The packaging my product came in was very good; Enough bubble wrap was attached, in a seemingly-waterproof wrapping, to protect my video card, but not so much that I would have to get family and friends around to try and find it in a sea of bubble wrap. The product was in perfect condition, even down to the outside product packaging.

A very impressive service that I hope I will get the pleasure of having again.

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