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Worst experience with an airline EVER!

This was my first (and last flight) with Ryanair.

From the start to finish Ryanair seem to do their best to make you jump through hoops in order to make every extra Euro they can from you. Buying the flight took no less than four attempts to avoid the additional extras. But it was only until I got my receipt did I realise I hadn't opted out of using their own exchange rate rather than the rate offered by my bank costing me an extra £45!

The cost of luggage is insane pushing you to use smaller hand luggage which Ryanair have a weight limit on so you end up compromising your holiday so Ryanair can line their pockets further.

We were flying back from Greece with our two kids and wanted to ensure we sat together so had to buy their premium seats but this means nothing in an airport that doesn't support the different queues.

As soon as you get on the plane you realise you are a third class citizen. The seats are better on the London underground. Ryanair have removed seat pockets to speed up the turn around time, probably why our seats stank of vomit. Also makes you wonder if they spend the time to do the required number of safety checks at each airport.

Throughout the flight were asked to buy scratch cards. Seriously, come on!!

A small can of beer costs £5 and whilst that is to be expected I suppose given the cost of everything else on this so called budget flight they had run out of all drinks and hot food and could only offer hot chocolate and biscuits. This was at midnight after we had been delayed an hour so the majority of the people on the plane were really hungry and rightly were really upset.

To cap it off, upon landing in the UK at the equivalent of 3am Geek time we were all shaken by a loud siren announcing the fact that Ryanair had successfully landed another on time flight. We were late by an hour.

To put the cost of this budget flight into perspective we (two adults, two kids) flew out with another low cost airline (who I'm no great fan of but do a better job) and this cost us £440. The flight back to the UK with Ryanair was over £1100.

Ryanair made everything from buying to flying painful.

Never. Ever. Again.

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