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Clowns and Idiots, Avoid like the plague.

We purchased a Tire with them about a year ago, which has continually gone flat - generally needing more air twice per month, However recently it's being going pancake flat quicker - so my Fiance' took it to Kwikfit for a puncture repair, an hour of having the tyre Kwikfit said there is no puncture.

We went back to Halfords who tested it, found nothing wrong with the wheel or tire and sealed it with some black gunk - all before the 12 months has gone, I asked the guy at Halfords what happens if it goes flat again, "I promise it wont". A month later we've had to put air in it three times - we head to halfords for the Fiance's MOT and a new tire, and they've simply just resealed it again and said they can't do anything about it until the manager gets back. They fail the MOT and charge her £12.49 for "Headlight Adjustment", a typical con! Takes less than 2 minutes to adjust them, every other garage in the world does it free (even Kwikfit) looks like they're recovering the loss from an half price MOT.

Long story short; contacted the Store manager when he finally got back off of his month long "Holiday" and turns out the guys a real idiot. He said the only thing he's willing to do "as a good will gesture" because the cars out of it's 12 month Warranty is to send it back to the manufacturer for a test, to which we will be without a tyre and on a space saver for an unknown amount of time and if it's found to be not faulty then we're up the creek.

I told him that the manufacturer warranty is irrelevant to me because of the Sales of Goods Act and the Tire was purchased from Halfords and therefore the problem is to be resolved by them, he told me that the SOGA is 12months, to which I laughed and said no its not, and even if it was then the vehicle was returned to the auto centre with the fault before that time and has been an existing fault ever since that his staff were unable to fix.

He's told me that he's unable to, and has no power to do anything other than return the tyre to the manufacturer for testing.

I'm now awaiting a call back from their Area Manager - it's taken 3 days so far and nothing, seems like one of those things with Halfords, I called their manager 5 times in one day and left call back requests hours after hours!

Don't give these ignorant robbing idiots your money.

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