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i would give it a no star if there was an option

Talktalk cut our internet and phone line by a mistake. Theoriticaly, if it is easy to switch off, it should be easy to switch back on. Practically, Not gonna happen. My partner called on Sunday, and they promised someone will call the next day to sort it out. No one called. So my partner called them again. Given the same promise, and they said some one will email us to acknowledge the problem . And nothing happen the next day. So my partner called again. My partner asked them to send an email at that moment so we know that they are dealing with the problem. Guess what? No can't do. Everyday we called, it will took more than 10 mins to get through, more than an hour phone call by mobile. And they think we'll be fine without the service. My partner and I both have our own personal business run from home. I had difficulties in dealing with my clients. I can't receive and send my project as a graphic designer. I spent pounds on mobile data as I ran out of data allowance. I had to reject a project because I can't receive the images without an internet. Do people work for talktalk consider that. NO. They couldn't care less. They have the money we have paid, and can't be bothered. They refused to fix a problem they cause. And they still not doing anything. It is the 4th days with no internet. Why do incompetence people can get a job? Might as well give it to peple who need it more but actually care in giving a competent service

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