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Cash 4 Phones


It's been 4 months and no payment. Now I can not log on to my account and i'm sure they have blocked from logging into the website. They should be stopped as this is illegal trading. Watchdog exposed them on television. Someone needs to prosecute this company. Surprisingly they are still operating and scammimg people. AVOID ON ALL COST!!!

ZoomFish Gadgets

Average but offer good price quote

They are alright but sometimes they take advantage when grading the device. Since you are recycling a device would expect some minor scratches and stuff. I have sent a couple of devices that in some recycle companies will pass as A grade device. But zoomfish deducted £30-£40 because of a tiny scratch which doesn't affect phone functionality. Not happy with quoting because you not recycling a brand new phone so if the phone has a minor scratch on the screen which you can't see with the naked when the phone is on, why deduct £40 for that. You are recycling company not carphonewarehouse. If apple can give a refurbish phone for a faulty iphome with loads of scratches why can't a recycle company give you full value for a phone which has a tiny scratch on the back of the phone.

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