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Thumbs up from me

Not too much to say about this company as I am fairly new to it, so far though everything has been great.

I have managed to source a few hard to find books through them, which I have placed orders for, they have arrived quickly in excellent condition due to the packaging. and to top it off the prices were great too... what more could you ask for.


AUT... will it be a good, or a bad day?

I have used AUT many times (now known as easybuyit, they have also branched out into ebay) when I first started using them they were quite new, and generally quite good and well priced.

However, now they have been around for a while, they seem a little less interested in the customer service side of things, and you never really know if you are going to visit on a good or bad day, it is often like dealing with someone who is bi-polar.

I have had days where I have walked in and within minutes bought and paid for items, but then again I have had my fair share of times that I have walked in and been left standing there looking at an empty desk, and no one ever comes out, even if there is a big queue. Its like they have gone into some sort of other dimension where there is no sense of time.

As I said they have been fairly good, but recently I can never seem to speak to anyone, and have on a few occasions waiting around only to walk out empty handed, and not seeing anyone.

Products wise, they have an ok selection. Prices aren't always amazing, and some of the products are very cheap and of low quality (laptop coolers, keyboards, recordable media) But you can get some really good quality products, I bought a flat screen monitor when they first came out, it still works to this day and I think I paid around £240 at the time!

So as I said, you can't really tell what to expect from them until you walk in there!


No problems in store, or using reserve and collect

I have used comet many times, in store I have had no problems, and when using reserve and collect it has also been problem free.

My only gripe is the prices aren't always that competitive and you can often walk into a store and be bombarded with no end of sales people, this is not as bad in recent years since they stopped the personal commission and opted for a store performance bonus, much like currys did a few years back (currys on the other hand, not so great)

It would be nice to be left alone to look around, but sometimes you can never find anyone to help you. So I guess it swings in roundabouts. But as I said, all my purchases have been problem free, and reserve and collect has always been a good option.


Play, good when they get it right, Terrible when it goes wrong

I have been using Play.com since they were a young company back in 2002, selling only dvds, CDs and the odd game. Over the years I have placed hundreds of orders with them. I would say 95% of the time things have gone fine.

When I first used play, they seemed to be all about customer service, generally sending items quite quickly and using royal mail tracking numbers, along with being priced quite competitively As time has gone on, orders seem to take longer and longer to arrive, and the prices aren't always that good, along with the other odd problem here and there.

As stated overly most of my experiences have been great...HOWEVER when they get it wrong, they get it wrong. I have placed several orders that have shown as in stock, only to be left waiting weeks, sometimes months without receiving my goods, to then be told they are out of stock.

I have, on a few recent occasions, placed orders on items that are in stock, which then further down the line go out of stock between me placing the order, and them sending it out. Normally in this instance, what seems to happen is an order is placed, weeks down the line you do not receive it, when you email them you get a response saying there is no current stock. When the items come back into stock, the price is pushed up and they refuse to honour your original order, even if like me you have been using them for nearly 10 years.

The above has not happened just once, it has happened many times, they will not contact you regarding the order, you have to contact them, which from my experience will not get you anywhere. generally you are left having to cancel your order, or you have to place another for the same item, yet pay more for it. Either way you will be left disappointed.

As I said, I am not a new customer as far as it goes with play, I even have one of their credit cards. I have seen a definite dip in their level of customer service over recent years. Whereas play used to be where 99% of my orders were placed, I now find myself using other companies to buy from most of the time.

I just hope they do not get too distant from the customer, as if it carries on I will probably end up leaving them altogether. Its a shame as when they first started out, I suggested them to everyone I knew. I would now think twice as they are slow, and the customer service has dropped.

2* or 3"... 2 for my recent orders, but over the years I would have to say 3.

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Amazon, generally consistent

I have been an Amazon user for quite some time now. I have only ever had TWO problems, one of which was a trader that did not send out the goods as promised. The other was for a product Amazon sent which was D.O.A, after a quick email I was given a return address and a replacement was sent out quite quickly.

I have bought all sorts of items from them, all in all, they are pretty good. As stated the only times issues arrive they seem quite quick to deal with it.

If you take a look around you can normally find some fantastic prices on there, most of the time these are through traders, not Amazon itself.
The product reviews tend to be quite accurate, they are fairly quick to despatch and the prices are normally quite good

Trying to manage your account can be a bit of a nightmare though, its often quite difficult to navigate to the pages you need. This goes for both you customer account, and your seller account.

Overall, I would say I am quite happy with Amazon


Loyalty means little or nothing to O2

I have not had to contact o2 too many times over the years I have been a customer of their, but any time there has been a problem they are a nightmare to deal with.
My main issue with them is lack of support, and the fact that if you have a faulty handset, rather than getting a new replacement, you will get a refurbishment.

I had several problems with a sony ericsson phone, it simply would not switch on one day, and this was within 12 months of buying the phone. After spending hours on the phone to various people I was finally sent a replacement, this broke after a day with same problem, again another phone call to O", another replacement sent, this one broke with the same problem, so this vicious circle went on and on. I believe from memory I went through 4 different phones, all of which suffered the same problem.
Every time I contacted them I asked to a new phone to be sent, not a refurbishment. I was told this could not be done, I spoke to several 'managers' this all fell upon deaf ears. I asked for them to cancel my contract if they could not supply me with a working handset, bearing in mind part of my monthly bill was including the cost of the handset, so effectively I was paying for a product that was not fit for purpose. When asking to have my contact cancelled, I was told it was not possible, I was then told if I wanted to do that I would have to pay upfront for the remained of the 18 month contract ( not even a year into the current one at that point)
In the end I gave up trying to contact O2 and asking for a replacement only to be sent a refurbishment that did not work either, so I put my sim card in an old phone and put up with that until the contact came to an end. I also forgot to mention that they charged me for sending out a replacement phone, even though they had the one I returned, this was put right after a few calls.
I have been an O2 customer for many years, infarct I have never used another company. It would appear as though none of this matters to them.
I stupidly went back to them again 18 months ago to extend my contract and to get an iphone, the phone itself is fine, but the coverage is terrible. Not only that, but now its up for renewal, there are no good deals to being offered to me, even after all this time. I think maybe its time to switch providers.

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