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Dont watch much tv but when i do i just end up turning it off after 6 mins of adverts is stuck in your face 3 seconds after you turn something on.


Terrible service!

Always left a card for attempted delivery! Maybe knock a little louder as i was 20ft from the door and a card appears i didnt hear?...
Also the drivers i have dealt with can be rude and abrupt.
Bad experience and service.


As bad as BT!

We switched to talktalk a month ago because of the huge bills from BT. When i rang talktalk about switching i was only after phone and broadband as we are happy with sky tv, but was talked into the tv package too as it was cheaper. Anyway... 3 weeks later we have recieved the tv box (that we didnt really want) but the router (that we needed) is still not here. Then 4 days ago they cut the phone line off without any warning. Phoned up to pay the bill and was told it would be back on within 24 hours, well 40 hours later its still not on! After just a month we are done with this second rate company.


First time...Excellent!

I usually use fedex but on this occasion had to opt for parcelforce. After seeing the reviews on here (trustpilot) I got a little worried but there was no need! I use fedex because they are always on time and get my parcels delivered safely before 9pm. Parcelforce delivered at 8:10 with 0% damage/creases to the packing, so I rate them very good on this experience :)


Lazy! dont bother checking reviews

Felt really strongly about recent issues with my internet and phone provider (BT). So I decided to write a review, my first ever on trustpilot . I kept composed and even edited out anything that could be termed course or offensive at all before posting my review only for it to instantly disappear and say it was reported for bad language. So I read through it a couple of times on the edit screen to make sure there was no bad language or anything offensive at all.
I thought maybe it was standard procedure to check the reviews. So I waited 6 days then checked when I was next online...and still no review. So I message trustpilot and ask if they actually bother checking reviews? Yes within 7 days was there reply. Low and behold on day 8 the review I took 30 mins to compose and type was gone. Or should I say never checked and/or published when it was perfectly fine.
What's the point trustpilot?
I suggest you do some work and less time at the coffee machine.

13 September 2013

Reply from Trustpilot

Hi Benjamin,

Thanks for your comments.

I'm sorry to hear you don't seem to have received our communication about your review. I can see from our system that our team handling the reported reviews sent an email to you asking you to make changes to your review. Since we did not receive a response or see the review was amended within 7 days, the review was removed from our system in line with our processes. However since it sounds like you did not receive this communication, we have made the review available for you to amend again, and resent the email that explains the changes we need made to bring the review within our guidelines.

I hope this helps explain, however if you have any further queries, or still do not receive our email, please don't hesitate to contact our team at for further assistance.

Best Regards,

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