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So Far So Bad!

So far the only thing I can say about this companies customer service is that it is appalling!
I placed my order yesterday morning, and having placed an order for over £100 I was told I would qualify for free next day delivery. There seemed to be an issue with this at checkout, so I placed the order and called customer services number (which is ridiculously hard to find, as clearly they don't want to talk to people) and asked them what the issue was.
They stated that as a discount code had been used that the free next working day discount code will not work in addition. I disputed this, as part of an online retail company myself, I know that the cost of next day deliveries are minimal compared to the ridiculous amount that companies like this charge, and eventually the member of staff I spoke to said he would arrange for a shipping upgrade. After all have just spent £120 on a dress for a wedding, and all over the website it says spend over £100 for free next day delivery.
The team member I spoke to said that if there was a problem with the request, that he would call me back, before the dispatch cut off time, and inform me, so that I could place my order again, and they would refund the previous order.
As I received no phone call I foolishly believed that the next day delivery change had been fulfilled, but guess what, it hadn't.
Having just spoken to another representative from their customer care team, they don't know when the parcel is being dispatched, they can't assure me of the delivery date, and there is nothing they can supposedly do about it. She originally offered to cancel and replace my order for delivery before 12pm tomorrow, but then backtracked on her offer saying that they couldn't do this as my other parcel hadn't been shipped, and that if i receive a dispatch email today before 9pm to call back and they might be able to get it to me for tomorrow morning, however they can't promise this.
The whole thing is ridiculous. I've spent nearly an hour on the phone getting promises from a customer care team about an order that isn't going to reach e any time in the foreseeable future.
I really hope that ASOS can buck up their ideas and learn to treat their customers with a little more time and respect. I'm hugely disappointed that the service i have received is as bad as it is, and I just hope that they can learn from this. As for my order, I'm desperate for it to arrive tomorrow morning at the latest, but i'm not holding out any hope.
All I can say is that I won't be coming back!

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