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Awful company! Shocking service!

Wonderful on initial sign up of contract very helpful. Absolutely shocking service thereafter! Regularly cut off mid sentence after a massive amount of waiting time to speak to an operator who usually passes you through to several other depts so make sure you've got lots of free time to speak to anyone at talk talk! Don't expect to speak to a manager or anyone in authority it won't happen! Definitely don't forget to pay your bill on time or they will cut your service off for a full 48hrs after you've paid it! English speaking operators would be nice as its very hard to understand what's being said! I was with talk talk for over 2yrs for broadband/homeline/mobile and never notified I was clearly on the wrong plan for usage consequently paying over the odds! Have switched provider altogether and much happier with my wonderful services and plan.

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Slaithwaite, United Kingdom