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Pearltrees is a super creative tool to help discover new interests is a tool for visualizing my interests. I can collaborate web pages, files, photos, and notes in one place, which is great because they are easy to retrieve that way and share with friends. I can access it from my I-phone and it really makes sharing a lot easier.
Its a collaborate visual library, so if you want, you can share your info publicly and look at other people's libraries as well. It's easy to find people who have interests in the same things and it makes it easy to connect personally if you'd like, or just to see what they have in their library and feel inspired by something new.
Its a totally unique website and the more I use it, the more I get into it. You should try it!


Most of the time I can save on tickets with is a site that I have been using for years as I fly around India and Asia frequently. I usually find that their rates on flights are lower than other sites. I have also had some luck when I call and speak to an agent directly to lower the cost of my flight. Over the years, the website has gotten much better and easier to navigate. Their policies on refunds and exchanges are a little complicated so make sure you read the fine print before you buy. Also if you call customer service, sometimes you get a person whose English isn't so great and you'll have trouble communicating. Usually I just hangup and call back to get someone else.

MoneyNing Personal Finance

Moneyning directed me to the AT&T U-Verse Coupon could cut my bill in half

I had been spending way too much on my TV, phone and internet. I had been dealing with two different companies also and I was looking to condense them all onto one bill in an effort to simplify my life. As usual, I turned to my trusty and did a search for internet, cable, and phone discount codes and found this link for ATT U-verse coupon code. Unlike the other times I have decided to use a coupon code and held my breath until it actually works, I knew from previous experience that Moneyning actually gives out real codes that are up-to-date. The ATT U-verse coupon saved me almost $40 this month and those savings will add up. I couldn't be more pleased. Moneyning has definitely made the coupon code search streamlined and more effective. I'll use them whenever I need one.


Health Food for your pet friends!

I had been looking all over for a dog food that had real ingredients with nutritional value. My poor dog has terrible skin problems and he was itching all the time. I did a little research and found out that maybe I should try to find a product without corn. It wasn't easy. Most of them have it as the main ingredient. I was also concerned about the health risks of bi-product meat ingredients, as there have been several recalls over the years. Blue Buffalo does not use byproducts whole grains, veggies, and they even manage to sneak in some fruits.
While it did take a gradual phasing in to switch from the other food my dog was eating, it only took a few weeks. Now my dog's skin cleared up, he's no longer smelly, and he's running around like a pup again. I'm so glad theres a company that really cares to give pets the best nutrition.


Join the Coupon Revolution!

In my childhood, I can recall my mom making a point of running to this and that store to get a special bargain on a special sale day that she read about. She would also hold up people in the lines at stores trying to fetch out crumbled up coupons from her purse only to muddle swear words to herself since they had expired. Well, thankfully as I am in the online age, there's far less hassle. Of course some online coupon sites are better than others. I have tried them all. I don't want to get my hopes up by entering a code before my online purchase and have it not go through. I went looking for one that really kept on top of updating and found that CouponShoebox is really on target. Every time I have used a code from their site, it works. I will not look anywhere else anymore. I get their e mail updates and I'm so happy to stay informed without having to check their website all the time.


India's best bottled water

I have actually gotten to the point now where if I am traveling in India and can't find Bisleri, I am seriously disappointed. It's really that much better than the other brands here. Some people may say, water is water. It doesn't taste like anything. Well, it shouldn't taste like anything, that's the point. So many of the other waters here have a bitter, almost chemical aftertaste. they use UV a lot of the time, which only makes the water safe for drinking, but doesn't help the taste. Bisleri uses ozonization, and I think this process lends itself more to a natural taste. If you're in India and you have a choice, just get Bisleri.

Aubrey Organics

It Feels so Good to be 100% Natural

I actually started using Aubrey Organics products because I taught myself how to make my own body care and beauty products at home and found that it was so much work!
I found it was not practical for me due to to the fact that they have a limited shelf life before spoilage. After all my research, I found that Aubrey was as natural as it gets when it comes to what's on the market.
I have all kinds of allergies to chemicals and weird perfumes that they put in so many products and finally with Aubrey, I know I can purchase anything in their line and not have to worry if it will make me feel sick or not. I'm so glad about that.
I can't tell you how great it makes me feel to read a label and know what everything is. I'm so glad I found a company that I can trust and that aligns with my principles. I am a vegetarian and they certify that they do not test on animals as well.


Join the V2cigs Party!

I have tried all kinds of things to quit smoking over the years. I even got hypnotized once! Nothing worked. Besides the obvious health risks, I have also been very disappointed to think of all the money I've wasted, but there was still come missing piece in there. I couldn't completely make up my mind and do it. I was actually working on an environmental campaign once and realized that the butts were actually adding to the piles on landfills. So many reasons, so little willpower. What to do?
A friend of mine suggested I try V2cigs. I went to the website and placed an order for the basic starter kit. I actually remember how cynical I felt at that time because of my past experiences and what a waste of money it was probably going to be, but I felt Ok about it because of the 30 day money back guarantee.
I have to admit it took a little getting used to, but I really grew to prefer them to regular cigarettes after just 3 days. I liked them because I could get my fix and I could avoid the smelly clothes and hands as well as the dirty looks I get from people when I had been smoking cigarettes.
My friends who are cigarette smokers made fun of me at first, but eventually they became curious and wanted to try it. Now 3 of them have started to place orders for V2cigs regularly. Customer service department is also good. My calls and e mails have all been answered promptly.
All of us friends who smoke V2cigs get together once in a while to trade flavors between each other and see what we like. Its like we have a little V2cigs party club. It's a lot of fun!

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