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I have emailed this to, as supplied by a member of staff on the telephone.

I normally travel to Wolverhampton via National Express coach for £9 return special fares. However, I though I'd treat myself and go on the train, a little more expensive granted, but comfort, quite and peace! What was not to like?

How very wrong I was.

On boarding the second lag of my journey (Manc to Wolves) I was lost as to where my seat was (Coach F - Seat 36 A). Upon finding it I noticed a larger lady was sat in my window seat which I HAD PAID FOR AND RESERVED! I kindly pointed this out and asked her to move, to which her reply was.. Oh I reserved one too but it doesn't matter as long as we both have seats." I tried again, explaining I reserved this window seat as I get panicky and suffer from back pain (so I didn't want people banging into me on an aisle seat) and needed the window seat. She blanked me and turned to look out the window.

Not getting anywhere I sat down next to her as there were no other window seats. Not only this but on booking I asked for a plug socket to which I now couldn't access then to over hear that they were not working on my side of the train, but was working on the opposing side of the train! Great I thought!!

Next comes the drinks trolly. With the woman "overlapping" onto my seat, the trolly banged into me, though no fault of the gentleman pushing it, he could hardly see as he was serving and multitasking.

I decided to wait for the train conductor to appear. As he was walking up the isle I kept looking at the overhead electronic reservation and my ticket - Yes I am right that is my seat and someone else is sat in it. I address this with the conductor as he clipped my ticket and the reply took me back! "You've got a seat, what's the issue?" With that he clipped the person next to me and walked off.

Fuming! Things went from bad to worse when a passenger who was working overheard another on the phone in the "quiet area" and uproar begin. Annoyed enough I kindly let the gentleman on the phone know that he should take his call outside and everything would then be okay. He did so and the carriage was back to normality.

So for my first experience I was rather to say the least unimpressed, which at best is an understatement.

As a social media brand protection engagement officer and complaints resolution officer, I know how customers can flare up at the little things, and I also know how easily it is for situations like this to get out of hand and damage a brands reputation and image. However I feel that it was an injustice to allow someone to book tickets with specifications, then a representative on the train address me and my issue in the manner he did.

I do hope this to be resolved in a respectable manner, and I'm positive CCTV footage will back up ALL statements made.

Please see attached my tickets and I hope for a resolution quickly.

I look forward to your swift response.

Miss. L. Coleman

09 February 2014

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Hi Laura

I'm really sorry to hear about your experience.

As much as I would like to help, are a ticket retailer selling fares on behalf of the train operators. When you got in touch with us, we should have directed you to the train operator as they always take responsibility for on board situations.

Although I don't have your booking information to hand, our team will provide the contact details for the customer relations team. The train operator will aim to respond directly within 10 working days. Please make sure you provide them with all this information and a copy of the tickets.

When you reserved a seat in coach F, this should have given you the opportunity to work or relax quietly during the journey. Although you did the right thing by highlighting the issues to the conductor, I'm sorry to hear it wasn't resolved at that time.

I’m sure the train operator will investigate this thoroughly.





I cannot call you all my money has already been wasted on hold.

Your online team are of no help stating you need to call.

My original parcel x4tshirts were dispatched to the wrong address as your system changed my billing and delivery address around.

I did contact you but MYHERMES said they cannot change the address have to RTS the parcel wait for you to receive it and then send it out again,


Can you please contact me to discuss this further.



I order clothing from a online clothing shop. The address went through incorrect (this is know is a sender issue) but the parcel was in transit to MYHERMES! I then spoke to the sender who in turn spoke to MYHERMES to change the address BEFORE it had even reached them so they could deliver to the correct address.

But oh no! MYHERMES would not play ball and sated that they cannot change the address as it is already out for delivery. The sender stated that is impossible its only just left to get to you, so it's not out for delivery. MYHERMES reply sorry but no we're not changing it!!

So yeah I'm a bit peeved at this point and take this up with the senders. HOWEVER my issue with MYHERMES as a parcel delivery company was the service I received on twitter. Just blatant disregard for my issue - "sorry but you have to go to the senders" "Sorry but this is a sender issue"! I'M NOT STUPID I KNOW THAT BUT MY ISSUE WITH YOUR RESPONSES AND THE LEVEL OF STUPIDITY OF YOUR TWITTER TEAM IS BEYOND COMPREHENSION.

I wanted to make a complaint about the service from the twitter team, therefore this issue had nothing to do with the senders.

I WOULD LIKE TO BE CONTACTED IN REGARDS TO MY HERMES AS A DELIVERY COMPANY - NOTHING TO DO WITH THE SENDERS. I work in the connection to the parcel industry and know how this works - and also have an extensive social media customer service background and do know where and how far I can take this.

I await your response.

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