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Over and Out!

Hi, I would like to share with you my most recent experience with Ryanair. It was poor to say the least.

We were a party of 9 made of up of small children and adults flying out to Tenerife. For the outbound journey we encountered 2 critical problems.

First, one of the elderly passengers (my mother-in-law) was too ill to travel on the day. I had informed Ryanair of this several days in advance and they reassured me that this was fine. However, during the check in process we had to pay an extra £120 to check in 4 pieces of luggage. Apparently, 1 of the baggage allowance was in my mother-in-law's name and cannot be transferred. Solving this issue added an extra hour to the check-in process.

As a result we were late getting to the gate and had missed the priority boarding deadline. We boarded the aircraft only to find that some of our seats were taken. These has been reserved already, but flight attendants proceeded to seat us in empty seats - there weren't many. As a family we had intended to sit together, but due to the confusion onboard the aircraft this was not possible. I could not believe that the cabin crew was so rude. They were annoyed that we weren't seated before take-off. They didn't care that our seats were taken by other passengers. They wanted everyone sat down!

I can only thank my lucky stars that the inbound journey was with another airline. That experience was far more pleasant.

Post my holiday, I wrote into Ryanair to obtain a refund for the £120 baggage allowance. Unsurprisingly, they were unwilling to go through with this. They were very unreasonable. As for me and my family, I will never be using Ryanair ever again. Once was enough.

Over and Out!

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