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On 27th August I had two tyres fitted at F1 Canterbury. No problem with that, price & service ok. However I was asked if I wanted the tracking checked and, being used to this question, I declined. Then as I handed over the keys I changed my mind and thought it might be a good idea on a car 4 years old. The job was done by the same man that fitted the tyres and I was given the test sheet with a remark from the reception man that the track was out and had now been adjusted. When I asked about the results, trying to understand a little about the tracking, I was told "its all very technical". He didn't seem to know what it meant. Things did seem quite hurried. However I paid and left. When I got home I inspected the sheet and saw that it was set up for a Volkswagen Passat whereas my car was a VW Golf. I called F1 and asked if the settings were the same for both cars and the answer was "I think they are". Because of the uncertainty I asked the gentleman to check and he said "just a minute, I've given you the wrong test sheet". I said I would come in on Thursday to verify things. I then called the local VW dealer and was told that the settings are completely different for the two cars! I really felt uncomfortable about the tracking job that was done. On Thursday 29th I called F1 to verify that I could get the job done again. Things were much different. I spoke to a different Gentleman, Martin, who understood my dilemma and agreed to redo the test. Upon arrival he took my point again and set up a retest with a different operative. Both appeared professional in their procedures and I felt I had obtained better service. (I was told that the tracking was a little bit out but was now fine and got a new test sheet).
This is why I headed my review as I did. I'm no car/wheel expert, like many others and I'm not convinced that I will receive a service that I can have confidence in. F1 did put the matter right but what if I hadn't noticed the flaw! I'm not sure if I can use you again.

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