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Arrogant obnoxious manager in Bridlington

After purchasing an external hard drive to back up my laptop which had gone faulty
(also from Currys) I could not get it to work so I took both the laptop and the hard drive back to see why they would not work together with the back up discs Currys provided. What I needed to know was if there was a problem with the new hard drive but the sale assistant said the lap top needed sending off to be diagnosed to see what the problem was and it would cost £50, I said my problem was with the new hard drive and could that be at fault so she went to get the guy who sets the computers up but he refused to come across and look and carried on laughing a joking with the other staff at the main counter so on return the sales assistant once again said the laptop would need sending off and it would cost £50 or I could to Easytech a local shop which would be cheaper but she could not grasp my issue was with the new hard drive. So off I went no better off so I rang Currys customer services and explained my dilemma and was told the manager off the Bridlington store would ring me after 5.00pm, instead he rang when he knew I would not be home so after 4 weeks I finally went into the store only to be accused of being a liar saying it was a case of she say he say as his staff member said she never mentioned easytech and also I wanted my laptop fixing there and then, he was rude to my wife too pointing at her and saying I rang you twice I do not work after 5.00pm so couldn't ring later, and he would not apologies over the service I received but instead took his staff members side so this will be the last time I use this store.
On the upside easytech sorted the problem out a lot cheaper than Currys .

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