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LG LED 1080p NetCast 24p (blah blah blah) only lasted 2 years. Two years is NOT a reasonable time for the average use and life span of that product! It suggests something may have been wrong with it at the very beginning -- was never a merchantable quality, satisfactory quality, sufficiently durable, or free from any defects.

Independent Engineer report: "Fault Symptoms: sound and picture movement slow and also picture breaking up. No communication with USB and internet........Mainboard faulty and need replacing"

I have had owned several TVs that included brands like AKAI, Beko, Panasonic, Toshiba, and others, and they lasted more than 5 years. In fact, NOT even one TV has developed a fault or failed during my ownership..... To be more specific, I have ordered another TV (Toshiba 42XV635DB) on 31/07/2009 (well before this one) as well and it is still working!

You will find many website/forum reviews and comments that always rate LG TV – don’t believe everything they say! I had owned another LG TV (M227WD) after reading some good review on some AV forum but it was awful to say the least. Thankfully, I sold it after a month or so.

I did get this sorted via retailer who was very helpful. LG support unable to help and at the end didn’t want to know. In short, don’t buy LG TV, they are cheap for a reason! Think long term and buy decent brand unless you want hassle.

LG – Life's NOT so Good.


Well done Currys / KNOWHOW!

“LG Life’s not so Good” TV developed fault just after 2 years.........!

Sent an email to Currys and got a response:

‘As a company, we do understand our obligation to provide a remedy for products that fault following the expiry of the guarantee in certain situations. I do appreciate that manufacturing defects may not manifest themselves until after the initial warranty period has expired…

Alternatively, you are able to obtain an independent engineer to inspect your television, you can send us the engineers report. The report should outline the diagnoses of fault/s that has occurred, the cost of repair, also if the television is not repairable then the report should state this also….”

Sent independent engineer’s report and they called to organize collection to repair the TV, which they did within 7 days. Also will refund my £30 for the engineer's report.

Well done Currys and the KNOWHOW team.

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