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No way, Never again!! They don't actually value your business! Never had such bad customer service! I just can't believe how their board of directors can allow for their company to get it so wrong!

So I joined on an 18 month contract, mobile broadband device / MyFi, it's the dongle that lets you connect up 5 separate devices to it at any one time, around £20 per month including VAT....Sounds great right? Errrrm NO! I had issues maybe a 2-4 times a month and for a week at a time. Connection would stop, signal would fail and here's the catch, anytime I called customer service i would spend maybe 40 minutes a time talking to people who honestly didn't care, couldn't help, asked me to reset my device then passed me on to someone else. I've been left flabbergasted at some of the lame excuses & responses I got from people who shouldn't work in customer support roles - they didn't have a clue! I'm not sure what database or system they use but like other customers have said, nothing seems to be recorded so everyone I get passed to, I have to explain the whole situation again from start to frustrating!! But on top of that, by the end of my phone call, no one has ever been able to help or resolve my issues! Pretty much no one really cared! This is not about a call centre being in India, there are many companies with great call centres abroad in India and other countries...this is about a call centre with staff who don't care, maybe don't have the right training, maybe are not set any targets or are not monitored or just don't get feedback about their poor performance. However I can't blame the call centre staff as its the companies job to install values, ways of working & expectations!! For this reason the senior members, directors, CEO's, owners should be ashamed of how you run your business and what you see as acceptable may think you have a great product but just read all your poor reviews week after week....surely you have some integrity, some part of you that says " hold up, something really is wrong here" ??? You work in an industry where customers should be the most important part of everything you do! Without us, you will lose out in the long run! Just look at how many people have said that they will never use you again, or who want to cancel their contracts....still you do nothing. I'm currently a Three customer, not out of choice but because you make it so hard for me to cancel, however my contract is up in 2 months and let me tell you, ill celebrate that date when it arrives and then take my custom and hard earned money somewhere else, to a provider that actually values me! I'm sure it won't be too long before you all come unstuck....good luck with that! Oh & to any other customer who is thinking about joining Three for broadband or a dongle or even MyFI .....Please don't! You will not just regret it, it will frustrate you for the entire length of your contract!!! Oh & guess what my new months data allowance was meant to start today! 7th of every month....but you guessed it! Yep, it doesn't surprises there. No one at Three will care because I've paid already! Great business model they have! Absolute bunch of clowns!

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