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Upad - The UK's largest online letting agent

Helpful staff that actually care

I'm generally very pleased with uPad.
The problem is not enough prospective tenants see the uPad website, or know of uPad. This is not helped but being on all the main portals. I was one of 300+ flats to rent on Zoopla and Rightmove in my price bracket - impossible for any prospect!

As with all promotion, its got to reach the target audience; or the good service, easy to use website, good range of options and classifications etc., all count for only a little.

27 November 2013

Reply from Upad

Hi Doug

Thanks for your kind review and great to hear you liked the service.

Upad is very much focussed on providing landlords with a cost effective way to reach tenants through the UK's leading sites including Zoopla and Rightmove with the support of our ARLA qualified landlord team.

We aren't looking to compete with these sites for tenant enquiries, but to help our landlord's properties stand out on through smart pricing, great photos, excellent descriptions, 'talking' to your target market and highlighting the benefit to tenants of dealing direct with a professional landlord.

We're working on many ways to further improve the results our landlords get, especially those advertising in markets as competitive as yours!

Kind regards

James Davies
CEO & FOunder

Blinds Depot

Better value, same standard as everyone else

The packing was less excessive, but just as effective, the only glitch involved two similar sized blinds and in one packet two fixing clips, and in the other 3 clips ... odd?

Its plain protein ... what did you expect?

This is the only reasonably priced source on the internet I have found of unflavoured plain whey protein.
That's all I want as I find all the flavoured whey options disgusting.

That's it !



Excellent service

I researched cordless driver drills across makes and models - its bewildering with so much choice, even within a make. Whilst Alltools gave only promotional comments - as did all the other vendors - I found the constant referencing to this drill convincing and Alltools came up with the best price as delivery was included.

Bathrooms And Showers Direct

Good Prices, poor customer service

Order agreed and dispatched on schedule, but the week end intervened - they tried to deliver on a Saturday, no one in, so no delivery.
Today, spent over 40 mins at various time trying to get through on the telephone - without an answer.
Sent email requesting re-delivery; no answer there either.
Finally got through on phone in late afternoon Monday, and the delivery is rescheduled for Tuesday 9-5:30 (which is really good) but I didn't know .....

Handles 4 Doors Ltd

Amazing speedy service!

The site was relatively easy to navigate - I think it would help to have a built in 'compare' feature. I was using Safari tabs to hold one item whist comparing with another.
There is a use of techie jargon to describe some items such as range of rebates ... I'm not stupid, but this led me to think about a variety of facia and striker plates for a mortice (more jargon!!) instead, rebate in 'lock' jargon means something quite different!
Also I used the basket to see what I had selected initially and then returned to it periodically to see if I could delete items I had replaced. This works OK but is a bit clumsy.
These are intended to be constructive suggestions, not criticisms, as I say: for me, the site is well about average and I'll use it again.

30 March 2011

Reply from Handles 4 Doors Ltd

Good morning Doug

Thank you for taking the time to write a review.

We appreciate your comments regarding the functionality of the website as only feedback from customers like yourself can help us to achieve a much more 'user friendly' website.

We sometimes have to use technical terms which do not have an obvious laymans term unfortunately, but we have taken your suggestions on board about this and the basket views and will certainly keep this in mind for future website upgrades. We are actually in the process of upgrading the site and the launch date for this is late May this year.

Regarding the Compare Feature, this functionality is already on the website. This feature can be seen on the small product pictures beside 'More Info' in a blue box. Once on the individual product page the blue 'Compare Box' is to the left of the 'Add to Basket' box. Simply click on the compare box and the product will appear at the top right hand side of your screen. Four products can be selected and then one click on the compare box below the chosen products will display the compare screen. We would be very interested to hear your comments on this feature if you would consider testing it out.

Thank you again for your suggestions and we look forward to helping you again in the future.

Kind regards
Suzanne Faulkner
Managing Director

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