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123Print UK

Decent and cheap

I've used 123Print two times now for business cards.

They are, as far as I can tell, one of the cheapest providers for business cards, and one of the few that'll allow you to order as little as 50 at a time.

As with everything though, you get what you pay for. Both of my orders have had printing that looked on the lower end of professional. For the price they charge though, it was acceptable and expected.

They also hide the postage cost away from all their advertising and ordering process until the very last moment. Both times I have selected the cheapest postage, and they were sent via Royal Mail 2nd class, but I was charged a much higher fee than it would have cost 123Print to post it, so keep that in mind.

Overall though, it's still good for the price. The website's design tools are well designed and easy to follow and both of my orders have arrived quickly, as were as ordered. I'll be ordering from them again in the future.


Sent me another customers bank details and didn't even care

I was an Amazon customer for years, but now I simply cannot trust them with my bank details anymore.

The last order I had with Amazon was for a headset, which arrived faulty. Totally not Amazon's fault, after all. they didn't manufacture it, but I phoned them up to arrange a return and replacement. They said they'll happily replace it and they'll email me the details of getting the replacement underway, and all was well and good and I was happy.

That was, until I got the email. It was an email obviously for another customer, with what they ordered, their full name, their city, bank details, all of it, right in the email. I phoned them up again to alert them of the error they've made, and to ask them whether my details were also compromised. And from then on, it just got worse and worse.

No apology, no investigation, no reassurance that my personal details weren't sent to another customer. They didn't care. I asked for my account to be closed and for my personal details to be removed from Amazon, as, obviously, I couldn't trust them anymore. They refused. Despite the fact that, under the Data Protection Act, they're legally obligated to remove my details if I request it, they felt out refused.

I wouldn't expect this from an established, large company like Amazon. I'm sure they deal with millions of transactions without a fault, but when a serious fault happens, like it did for me, they don't care. I'm still pretty shocked that such a thing happened. It's a shame that Amazon are so irresponsible with customer's data and so unapologetic over it, but I can't overlook that just because their prices are good.


Absolutely amazing in every regard

I don't know really where to start with this review, because I have so many good things to say about TSOHost.

TSOHost's customer support are truely 24/7. I've sent tickets at 2am, and gotten replies back 5 minutes later. Every single ticket I've sent, has been resolved extremely quickly, by someone very knowledgable and polite. Even when I had some stupid questions, they still happily helped answer them. The one time I've called phone support too was a good experience - my call was instantly picked up by someone extremely polite and helpful. TSOHost's customer service is nothing short of amazing and is the best customer service experience I've had from any company, ever.

I'm only on their shared hosting package, but the quality of their hosting in my experience cannot be beat. They're not the cheapest hosting company out there, but it's premium hosting for a budget price. I honestly don't think you can get better value for your money elsewhere. No hidden fees either, which makes TSOHost one of the few companies in the industry that's honest about the cost.

Never had any downtime, neither has a friend who has a separate TSOHost account. The amount of features I get, even just for £5 a month, frequently surprise me.

Totally love TSOHost. It's one of the few companies out there that absolutely do everything right. I've been stung a number of times from terrible hosting companies, so it's great that I'm now with one I can trust.

23 October 2013

Reply from Tsohost

Hi Christian,

Thank you for taking the time out to share your experience, we appreciate it!

I've shared your feedback with the team and there are smiles all round!

Thanks again


Perfect supplement for Netflix users

I've been a Netflix customer ever since they launched in the UK. And don't get me wrong, Netflix is fantastic in it's own right. But when it comes to anything released in the last 5 years though, their catalogue is very bare. They're also missing many cult, classic and acclaimed films and TV shows.

Blinkbox, on the other hand, has tons of acclaimed films and shows. The majority of them avaliable to rent too. They even occasionally have Hollywood films before they're on DVD.

I've only used Blinkbox on my PC, so I can't speak for their smartTV or iPad versions, but the PC version has always worked great for me. Great picture quality and sound, even with their standard definition stuff.

I used their customer service once too, and my experience of that was fantastic. A promotion didn't apply on my account. I sent them a quick tweet at 11pm, and within a few minutes, they were tweeting back and sorted out the issue in my account.

I highly recommend Blinkbox to anyone. It's a brilliant supplement alongside your Netflix subscription.


Great network coverage, let down by horrific support.

If data is the most important part of your mobile phone to you, Three would be the best network, hands down. Any customer of Three who switched to any other network in the country, will tell you how great Three's data coverage is compared to their competitors, myself included. In almost all areas, you can be sure of a speedy connection. No other UK network comes close to nationwide data, as they're they're disadvantaged by their aging 2G legacy that's rubbish for data, an issue Three didn't have.

Unfortunately, if things go wrong, like they did for me, their customer service is absolutely diabolical. Letters and emails go without replies and their out-sourced call centre is a bureaucratic nightmare. You will be told to wait 72 hours for call backs that never happen, you'll be redirected from department to department as they all pass the buck...

The mast that covered both my student dorm, and the mast that covered the family home, for a year of my 2 year contract, were both faulty, leaving me with dropped calls and temperamental data. It took Three a year to fix them. I can understand technical faults, but they admitted the fault, then sat on it for a year. Ludicious.

It's a shame, a genuine shame. If Three actually invested some money into their customer support, they would be amazing. But until they do, you'll be in a contract, preying nothing goes wrong. They are so outstandingly let down by their customer support, I truely hope they change it for the better.

Green Man Gaming Ltd

Cheapest, with no compromise on service

Been a customer of Green Man Gaming since 2010.

They've been my go-to place for games for a long while now. One of the few internet game retailers with telephone support, which I remember being fantastic when I needed it a few years ago. One of the most competitive companies when it comes to price too, without any compromise on customer support.

Nothing but good words to say about Green Man Gaming. Highly recommended.

Couldn't be better - Customer service are polite and helpful

I've been using eBuyer for just over a year, and just bought another item, so out of curiousity, thought I'd google them. I was surprised to see such negative reviews for them on this site.

Every single time I've used them, they couldn't have been better. I only had to call customer services on one order, but they were fantastic. I wanted to change the motherboard in my order, set for next day despatch. The customer service person was extremely polite and contacted the warehouse to amend my order. Couldn't ask for a better customer service experience, especially considering that it was my fault. Customer service are UK based too, if that's a factor to you.

I have a few friends who have used eBuyer for a number of years too, and I've only heard good things about eBuyer from them too. From my experiences, I would happily recommend them.

Paul Barnes found this review useful

10 September 2013

Reply from Ebuyer (UK) Ltd.

Hi Christian,

Thank you so much for taking the time to leave us a positive review.

I am glad to hear you have found our Customer Support team helpful and polite, and I will pass on your comments to the whole team who will appreciate your comments.

Thank you once again.

Kind Regards,


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