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Avoid.. Numerous excuses for final bill and repeated Direct debit errors.

Customer, no problems, supplied by another Company 1st week in June. Awaiting final bill (approx £10) but now owed approx £240 as continued to take Direct debit from my bank.
Letter 3rd June of almost double Direct debit due to cold weather, rang and reminded not a customer. Infomation ignored and full DD taken
Many emails as phone calls and on-line chat never answered even after on hold over hour each time.
Each reply stated billing team informed and final bill will be a few days and credit then arranged. Never a final bill or credit appeared.
Another DD taken in July which adds even more to refund to me. I left the DD in place as thought easier to re-credit money back to my account.
After several more emails and all replies of final bill produced next week, I cancelled the DD as did not trust them. Not surprisingly my Bank reported
they had tried to remove another monthly £130 in August. So at least my concerns where confirmed and could not trust them.

Elect supply ended 1st June 2013
Gas supply ended 5th June 2013

Last email promised Final bill to be produced and credit of approx £240 to be sent by cheque last week. Yet again this promise was broken with still no refund.
Also on 28th August my bank informed me of attempt to take another £130 direct debit even though not a customer. I had cancelled this DD due to DD being removed on July 28th which should not have been authorised. I felt I could not trust First Utility and therefore cancelled the DD mid August. The attempt on the 28th August confirmed my reasons to block any further DD.

I have repeatedly been told the final bill, probably less than £10 will be days away, but has now dragged on for over 3 months. I expect the cheque for credit ( approx £240 ) forthwith. I have been very understanding of problems but shortly will have to escalate problem as almost everyone of the fair practice codes and reviews have been broken and empty promises made.

I will not accept any further statements of billing section being informed, they have been informed at least SEVEN times now.
Please just send full credit that you owe.


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