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Prompt, well priced and clear website

Found them via a product search on Google. Well priced, good website and quick delivery. Excellent all round.

Desperately bad

Ordered an android phone. 3 weeks later had heard nothing. The delivery date was 3 weeks. I tried to login to my account to check. Nothing. I tried the forgotten password. Nothing. I was however receiving numerous marketing e-mails so i knew that this was not in spam.
I tried contacting customer services. Nothing. I tried several times to contact them with absolutely zero response. I then went to PayPal to raise a claim as it was now 5 weeks. 2 weeks later PayPal have rejected the claim as Focalprice have shown them that it was posted? It might have been posted but nothing has been received. Desperately bad company. Steer well clear, and might be interested to note the number of positive reviews that only have one review?


Well run, considerate and switched on company.

I have booked two holidays now with Under the Thatch. Both properties have been superb, clean, beautifully located and unique.
Customer service is excellent. Clear and detailed communications. Excellent response.
Would not hesitate to recommend these lovely under the thatch people and their beautiful accommodation.


Marketing hype over customer service

Booked the day off to wait for goods to be delivered. Frame arrived. No Mattress. Contacted them and they said that they had left an answerphone message (didn't try any of the other contact points provided) to say that it would be delivered the next day. I replied to let them know that nobody would (or could) be in. Because this was sent at 5:15 - nobody there.
Driver called me the next morning to confirm location of the house. I gave him 3 options on where to leave the mattress. He chose instead to drag it across the garden (a mattress this size needs 2 people!) ripping the protective wrapping and getting mud onto the mattress and then chose to leave it outside in the rain.. only 30cm away from the unlocked door of the shed.
I e-mailed them this morning with photos of the ripped wrapping. Received a can you send us photos and will send something as soon as possible e-mail.
Every company gets things wrong sometimes. It is how they deal with the issues and ensure that they are not repeated that is key.
They had 3 weeks to schedule this delivery. They failed. They had three separate contact points.. they failed. I had to contact them after the mattress had not been delivered with the frame. They clearly use cheap courier service for the mattress delivery as H&S legislation would not permit one person to handle the mattress (super king).
The worst thing? In order to be able to build the new bed. I (like lots of other people) had to dismantle the old bed. We now have no bed.
I would suggest that if you order from these people. Expect poor communication, and anticipate delivery schedule changes. DO NOT DISMANTLE YOUR EXISTING BED UNTIL EVERYTHING ARRIVES.

29 October 2013

Reply from

We apologise for the inconvenience caused here with regards to your mattress delivery of which wasn't as smooth as usual. Our particular courier in this instance did not follow your exact instructions as outlined for which we apologise for. We have most recently changed and improved our courier service to avoid such issues in the future as best we can.

Windsor Telecom PLC

Contract cancellation

IN one key respect they were fine i.e. i was able to register and have an 03 number that worked.
However we decided after a couple of years to cancel the contract as it was deemed to be of no great value.
We cancelled the contract on the phone after two years and 21 days. They were extremely unpleasant when we asked for this to be done and subsequently determined that it was entirely reasonable for them to charge us for the remainder of the year i.e. 11 months for nothing.
I would therefore not recommend this company to any other UK business as this is an unfair and totally unreasonable contract term. I think that the best advice is avoid.
UPDATE - Further to a call with one of their account managers. It was agreed that this was unreasonable and the invoice was cancelled. found this review useful


Extremely poor, their service does not resemble what is described on the web-site

Found my rear windscreen smashed and car wide open to the elements when i got back to the car. When i got home, I fixed it with some plastic sheeting and duck tape.
Called the AA as windscreen replacement is part of the policy.
They took my details and said that they would call back. 7 hours later received their callback. The replacement could be fitted 3.5 days later between 12 & 4. I was then informed that this delay was because of our remote location - we are less than 1.5hrs away by car from Manchester Airport and only 10 miles from the main euro route to Ireland. I made a complaint (which seems to have gone nowhere). So, without a car for four days. Then the day itself. Of course nobody turned up between 12 & 4! We received a phone call at 15:45 saying that they were an hour late.
The "technician" when he arrived seemed to be upset that the vehicle did not have GPS built in to the rear windscreen (we had been asked this and confirmed in the initial phone call that it did not have GPS) He then tried to quiz me as to how the windscreen break had occurred. I told him how i.e. returned to the car after work (on a very stormy day) to find the rear windscreen smashed and debris on the pavement..indicating that the wind had blown something off a nearby building.
He then asked about the demister!? The implication being that a slightly grey wire (not broken or cut) had caused the blowout. I refused to be drawn into this conversation and said that if that was the case, for him not to reconnect the demister.. great, Now i have no radio.
To make matters worse and in spite of the engineer being told on at least three occasions that the car was needed that evening for an essential journey he waited till after payment had been made until stating clearly that the car could not be used for at least 1.5hrs preferably 2. This information was withheld intentionally until this point.
Useless service, meaningless promises on the AA website "pick a time and location convenient to you".. An organisation that only has the interests of its shareholders at heart, customers and staff are clearly not important.

So, if you are looking for patronising call centre staff, 4 day waits and a grumbling fitter who arrives well after the agreed time and that doesn't tell you that the car cannot be driven until after payment has been taken.. Choose the AA!

UPDATE - It gets even better! Just discovered on closing a rear car door that the window is coming loose. Wish me luck as i have to call them again.


Shoddy goods and expired ebay seller stores do good

Bought a wooden kitchen trolley in March 2012 ebay id - 320860292444 from these people trading on ebay under the seller name discounthomestore (since stopped trading on ebay and the web under this name).
They are clearly the same people, same names, e-mail address, telephone numbers and address. The trolley was assembled in April. In December it had collapsed.
There appeared to be no way of getting touch with them.
I e-mailed them at their new and their old addresses, not expecting a response. Both did respond and a refund and collection for the damaged goods was arranged within 24hrs. Thank you.

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04 January 2013

Reply from

Hi Paul Sandham,

Thank you for your feedback. Please accept my sincere apologies for the inconvenience you have experienced.

Unfortunately we cannot seem to find your order and therefore cannot process your request. Please can you supply us with some further information? Please send us an order number or alternatively your full invoice and delivery addresses (including postcodes). The email address used when you placed the order may also be useful.

Kind regards

ChatandVision Ltd.

Non-existent communications and no product

Ordered two unlocked smartphones listed as being in stock. After a week contacted them via e-mail. No reply. Informed them that under the distance selling regs that the order was cancelled. Ordered phones from a reputable supplier they arrived in a couple of days. Nearly 4 weeks after the order was made receive an e-mail from them informing me that the phones will be delivered. Have initiated chargeback with the Bank and after reading through the troll reviews have noted that their returns policy is non-existent so we shall not be accepting the delivery when it arrives.. This company is quite possibly the worst online retailer i have dealt with in a decade. AVOID and please read the positive reviews with some scepticism,.. after reading through other sites.. i noted that many of them have the same sentences etc i.e. i suspect that a fair few of this companies positives are false!!

Excellent price, service and deliveries

Just thought that i should praise this company. Their prices, services, delivery and even website account management are excellent.
Have been using them for four years now and it has remained consistent throughout.

26 July 2011

Reply from Ebuyer (UK) Ltd.

Thank you for your comments.

We are always happy to hear of our customer's positive experiences using Ebuyer.

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any further queries.

Kind Regards
Ebuyer Resolution Team


first collection was great, second bad, now unable to even arrange a collection!

The first time i used the service was fine. Second time they missed the collection date by 2 days - although the response was prompt there was not attempt to offer a refund. Online chat support was worse than useless. A guy called [Name] said that he would check and then just disappeared. I have just gone to the site to arrange for a collection and despite me using the correct e-mail address and password - having problems logging in.. so thought i will get them to send me my password (just in case) their web genius is so great that to retrieve password - the account e-mail address is not asked for - the username is asked for. But. parcel2go do not send a registration e-mail containing username etc so I am unable to actually login.
I have now missed the collection deadline for today.
Avoid them if you can, I reckon they are victims of their own success and service/web-site etc are redolent of an organisation that does not know what it is doing - I am off to the Post Office

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Still waiting for a refund

Ordered a pair of spectacles on their website. Paid, received confirmation e-mail. Then receive an e-mail from them stating that they needed another £20. I replied immediately telling that i wanted to cancel the order. They refused, several e-mails later they finally confirmed that the order had been cancelled and that a refund would be made. 6 weeks later still no refund so I have had to got my card issuer in order to make this into a dispute. These people are not to be trusted and be careful they have other websites too under different domain names.

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