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Airsoft World

Airsoft Store done correctly

Ever since I first got into the sport of airsoft, there have been companies that I have ordered from which have stood out. For example, JustBBGuns stand out as having shocking service. Airsoft World stand out for another reason- they are among the best airsoft retailer that I have used to date.
As I live only a few miles from their central store- in Fife, Scotland- I tend to do business with them in their store.
Upon entering their shop, you are usually greeted by the members of staff. I don't think that I have ever had any problems with their staff. For example: When I was about 15, I went in and bought my first gun from them. One of the staff members helped my brother (13 at the time) and I pick out a good gas pistol. On top of this, as we did look young, he let us try out a few of the more powerful gas pistols that they had in. I felt very welcome in the store. Ever since then, we have used the shop to buy what guns, gear, ammunition and accessories we need. Well, except for that one time that we went to JustBBGuns.co.uk (Advice: don't EVER use that website)

With regards to the web store, which I have ordered from a few times now, the user interface is very easy to navigate when compared to other online retailers which I have used (for example, RedWolf Airsoft. Although they are a great company, their online store is quite confusing to navigate)
Their product selection is as good as their customer service. Lots to choose from, and if guns are out of stock they usually get back in stock quickly. Two toning is reasonably priced at £10 for a rifle and at £5 (I believe) for pistols. The paint jobs are all really well done. They look as if they were painted in the gun factory as opposed to coloured by the AW techs!
I understand that people are going to have unfavourable experiences with a company, so I am not here to preach that people who have poorly reviewed Airsoft World's services are wrong. However, they are a great company. Don't let negative reviews make you think twice about buying from Airsoft World. Read the product reviews on some of AW's products. almost all of them state: the following things: "Quick delivery as always", "great service from Airsoft World again" and other praise like that.

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