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Great product, but the worst customer service

I ordered laptop from their site on 9th December 2013, advertised as "Estimated Ship Date: 16/01/2014", my bank stopped the payment for security reasons and after clearing that out with my bank I called Dell to take the payment one more time. that didn't happened for next 3 days, so I called again, (when I tried to explain they hang up 4 times and my question was ignored on chat session!), finally I've been advised by one guy to cancel my order and try to order again through their sales team over the phone. That was quick and without problems, but in January I received an email saying that delivery date has changed and now I will have to wait till beginning of March to get the laptop! What is even more surprising it's been send a week after that email and arrived last Thursday (23/01/2014). I love the laptop, but Dell offers the worst customer service.
P.S. I just checked their website and the same laptop is advertised as "Estimated Ship Date: 17/3/2014".


Discontinued product advertised as available

I attempted to buy speakers from their website, unfortunately 2 days later I got email saying "we have been advised by our supplier that the model you have ordered is now discontinued and no further stock will be received" and that I will have to wait up to 2 weeks for money to be refunded. I called them (not easy to get through) to get the refund quicker. I spoke to a nice guy and he took care of the refund (I got it on the following day), but after 2 weeks those speakers are still advertised as "Availability: Special Order" and can still be added to the basket (and yes, you will be charged straight away), so really disappointing!


Great service / fast delivery / good prices

I wasn't sure if hyperfi.co.uk will be safe/reliable, because the website isn't great, their Customer Reviews section looks like written by themselves, there were no reviews on TrustPilot and product description was lacking info, but I gave it a try, because that is the only shop in UK selling speakers I wanted. I called the shop, because there was no info about warranty (even though they offer 2 year standard warranty) or delivery and speakers are advertised as "speaker" (some countries sell speakers separately, so I needed to be sure). I got all the answers I wanted over the phone (good customer service by the way) and my speakers arrived on the following day (less than 24 hours!) in mint condition, so if you are thinking about buying from their site (and they have good prices), don’t be putted off by their website.

CEWE Photoworld

Reliable company, good quality prints

Love the photo albums we were able to design using CEWE program. Lots of options, good quality print, fast delivery and reasonable prices. Will definitely use the company services in the future.


my favourite surf shop

reliable, fast, no hassle and always great choice


quick, no hassle, reliable

Great service, highly recommend

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