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Rude, angry, sarcastic

Hired a 7.5t, had an accident in London tried to explain this to BTC staff and they weren't interested, it was like i'd personally gone round the staff members house and smashed her windows. Emma the counter staff was very rude, arrogant and sarcastic with no empathy towards her customer. We didn't set out to have an accident in the vehicle it was an ACCIDENT by definition!

Took weeks to try and get any claim form from BTC, had to go in and get personally after no procedure for accidents was explained on the day and the old line of we'll email the details to you!! never materialized after several phone calls and emails!

They are cheap to hire but the level or sarcasm and rude customer service by Emma is too much, we now use Thrifty or Rabbits as they are much better with dealing with there customers.


Awful service

Would never use again, had to contact Paypal to put into dispute as they never delivered after 2 weeks, no sorry no nothing very bad.


Excellent Excellent Excellent

Ordered a Washing Machine on Wednesday, was delivered by 8am on the Friday and the delivery driver contacted me the day before and on the day to keep me updated on delivery times.

Brilliant brilliant service will recommend them every time

A joy to deal with!



Orders items beforfe Xmas will guarantee of delvery before xmas, well funilly enough it turned up the week after xmas and after a phone call to customer services with play saying it wasn't there problem and i needed to deal with the courier company direct won't be using them again!


No very good supporting customers

Bought a Car Stereo off ebay from Canada, when it turned up 2 weeks late it was obviously stolen with cut wires and broken glass in the cassette unit, complained to Paypal but by that time the seller had cleared his account so was stung for a £90 stereo that was stolen and broke. Cheers paypal!

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Good service

Flat in my tyre was quickly resolved with a new tyre, the repair guy even explained and showed me what the problem was as it was a relatively new tyre on there.

They also managed to get me a better deal on the replacement tyre as the old one was still quite new and realigned the wheels and printed out a report.

Very good service.


Always good travel experience

Always looked after on BA, they even offered me a blanked and tucked me in very good service.


Could be better

Had some issues but the bank manager personally took charge of the issue and resolved which i was pleased about, but there current account standard charge is a bit expensive for the small services they provide.

15 February 2013

Reply from Barclaysmicrosites

Hi Duncan,

We've just arrived on Trust Pilot and are very interested to read how customers review us. We hope that through these reviews we will be able to identify areas in which we can improve on our customer service.

It's great to hear that your Branch Manager was able to resolve your issue. Have you had any further problems with this since your review?

Our account range and pricing has been overhauled in recent months. If you're still unhappy with the charge for your account it may be worth talking to one of our advisors to review this.

Kind regards



Not interested in extisting customers

Asked what deal they could do when Virgin Media offered the same and better service for less? reply "go to Virgin then!" said the Indian operator - also you cannot change your broadband modem for a better one it's a sky unit or nothing which of course is rubbish on WiFi.

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Have no idea what they are doing

When something as important as having your glasses done to the correct spec is completely wasted on these people! Managed to make a mess of my prescription and then said it was down to my eyes being wrong complete time wasters - i wasted over £300 and then had to go to Vision Express to get this resolved - DO NOT go to the Bracknell branch unless you want lies and incorrect lenses


Very Helpful and Resolved Issue

I have used Vision Express for over 10 years and have always found them to be very good in what they do, i have recently had a new pair of glasses from the Witney branch and even after it took a month for the correct lens to be sent the Manager called me on a Saturday to resolve the issue and gave me a 2nd pair for free for all my issues very good customer service.


Shockingly poor

What ever happened to the good old Norton Utilities and group of programs which actually did what they said, Norton 360 could not save you from a virus if it's life was Dependant on it!! The amount of Laptop's and PC's ive seen over the years with Norton 360 that have spyware and virus files on is astounding!

AVG Technologies

Excellent Free AV

The free version was so good i upgraded to a full version.


Always good content

Not always impressed with the TV programmes there's more on sky for a better monthly cost but there online content and services are world beating!! Better than sky better than CNN


Not Customer Focused

Tried to add a claim onto my insurance even though it never happened - turned into an argument with the customer service rep which you don't expect when your a customer

Eon Uk

Good alround

Never had a problem, prompt on the phone and always reliable with bills and information - can't fault them.


Bad Customer Service

Good bill plan by Direct Debit only charging you for the Utility Supply you use, but ask them to change the DD date then think again "Sorry we only do Direct Debit Runs on the 1st of every month if you don't like it them change supplier" so i did! Rude people


Awful Broadband Service & Customer Service

Broadband went down to often with no reliable information other that "It's BT's fault" Takes ages to get through to Customer server in India for them to run through a script which ends in have you turned it off and back on?

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Customer Service getting better

The Bracknell store there customer service is getting better now staff come and find you to see if you need help which is much better!


Well Priced Products

Good price on building and DIY materials, staff a bit on the wild side can't seem to find anybody when you need to know where equipment is or advice on tools - apart from that always use


Good Service

Mon - Fri staff know what there doing but sometimes weekend staff a bit clueless

Richer Sounds

Excellent Customer Service

Beyond no doubt they are the best in the country for customer service and friendly stores, shopped at 4 - 5 different stores and every time i cannot fault them for caring service. Tried online and yet again was delivered ontime and no damage for an LCD TV - brilliant


Used to be better but still cheap for main items

Main Items still at a good price but best to check about with other emerging vendors like tool station to see if you can get it cheaper. Delivery always on time only damage one item out of 10 delivery's so very good!


Always use to save money on utilities

Changed many of my utilities with this lot, phone, broadband, gas, electricity on several occasions due to an in depth web site which you can enter your details quickly and get a good result.

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If you want your parcel delivered damaged then use this lot

Sent parcel turned up so damaged it looked like it had been kicked about there warehouse - tried to claim compensation and was told it wasn't packed well so they can't insure not surprised as it was smashed beyond anything i'd ever seen


Good Service

Good service quick delivery and they like a good haggle on reduced furniture


Always Good

Have been using for years and will continue to do so, good price and quick delivery!


Tech babble confusing

Bought a Laptop for the wide for Xmas, nobody really interested as they tried to blind me with tech jargon until i said that i was an Support Engineer as the sales guy tried to sued me into purchasing a more expensive laptop with less features than a model that i wanted to buy.

On the plus side he did through some extra's in like free tech support, 3G dongle, free anti virus.

They need to spend a little more time looking after customers who are not I.T experts all they want is just some clear simple advice not a load of rubbish about MB, RAM, Wifi etc....

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Pressure sales

Tried to sell me a fridge that didn't fit even though i measured first, sales rep lied to me what a bunch of jokers


Annoying Ad but brilliant Savings

Easy simplistic reviews and search facailities, use every time to save money


Useless timewasters

Would never use this company again promised an excellent resort with family facilities - dumped in the next hotel down the road what a joke!!


Overall good

Quality sometimes is poor and customer service experience is sometimes lacking


Good coverage

Good service replaced when faulty and easy to manage account



Don't bother ordering as the promised delivery time we over run by nearly 2 weeks no apologise from anybody!!

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