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ordered off ebay, on the first day they state delivery i was not in, but no card left to say they had being, on delivery 2 and delivery 3 i was in and again they state they tried to deliver, again no card left,
the seller on ebay is just as useless as this company and takes their word as gospel and provided the tracking list informing me how much more hard evidence do i need, stating how they use a reliable company for their deliveries both of them are a fecking joke,

after reading the views i am not the first to have had these problems with this delivery company, and in future i will avoid anyone selling who uses this company for their deliveries

after several other online purchases, another two were being delivered by my hermes, and again both deliveries never arrived, again saying card was left, and again on both occasions no card was ever left, when i got the delivery dates from the seller, i checked the cctv recordings, only deliveries showing was royal mail, unless they flew over my property and lowered themselves down to my door, is the only was to avoid the cctv monitoring my property, i now will email online sellers before buying, and make sure they are not using this lot as delivery, this is the only delivery company i have had problems with, everything else i order and sent out not using my hermes gets here with no problems at all, reading between the lines from other reviewers, the delivery person still gets paid for attempted deliveries, so must just be saying they have being out, when really they are staying in, saying they have being out, while keeping your parcel, and sending them back, if they are lucky to get them back, while collecting the money

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