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No complaints.

The reviews I've come across are quite mixed on this one. For me personally, I've used this company for about a year and am pleased with them.

This beats traveling to the nearest Post Office (and queuing), only to pay similar prices. So I'm able to spend more time on my business.

My only gripe is that the couriers should be paid more, as this is a difficult job. I'd be happy to pay extra, if that's what it takes.


Tescos in Thetford.

A review for the main superstore in Thetford, Norfolk.

For starters the food is usually mispriced. So there's an offer for a product, only to find out later that it hasn't been applied!

Some of the staff seem quite rude (both checkout and the shelf stackers); I've lost count how many times I've been given dirty looks (whilst minding my own business), and being stared at. Don't the staff have to abide by some kinda conduct when dealing with paying customers?


Anyone out there?

Ok. You need to speak to an actual human being at Natwest? Good luck with that one! The 'Contact us' page doesn't provide a tel no, it just tells you to go to their useless 'Ask a question' page, which merrily churns out boiler-plate, generic answers 'till the cows come home (at least there's a picture of a nice young woman, which is assuring).

Will close my account and look for a bank who aren't afraid of advertising their tel no.

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