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Almost ceratin they are con merchants

Ordered battery 3/9/13, supposedly shipped 6/9/13 by Royal Mail, even gave a tracking number. Checked tracking number, doesn't seem to exist on Royal Mail. Sent an email asking where my battery was and tracking number disappears off my order history. I've given them until Tuesday 17th to deliver, if they don't I'll be reporting them for fraud and false advertising, also going to see if the bank can get my money back. Meantime stuck with a laptop that doesn't have a working battery.

Got an email today saying that my battery had been shipped from the UK and that I should wait 20 days for delivery. Replied repeating that I expected my battery by Tuesday 17th Sept or I would be taking further steps. I've already complained to Amazon as that is where I came across the advert for this company.


Couldn't find their arses with both hands and a mirror

Yodel fails to deliver parcels on 9th after tracking says they are with courier, logs problem with address at 14:14, I went on livechat, the agent was helpful, I gave an alternative delivery address (already given to sender). Yodel fails to deliver on 10th, logs same problem with address on parcel tracker supposedly at 10:00 but this doesn't show until after 20:30. The late delivery wasn't a problem as they say they deliver up to 21:00.

At 20:45 I phone the Customer Care Line, put on hold for 15 minutes until phoneline shuts down at 21:00.

This isn't the first time I've had problems with Yodel Aberdeen, but as they regularly deliver to the alternative address I gave them which is the main reception for the College I work for, and have delivered to my door previously, I'm at a loss as to why they suddenly can't find me.

The saga continues, got on to their helpdesk at 08:00 this morning (11/9/13), made my complaint, gave detailed instructions on how to find the College Campus where my house and my alternative delivery point are (the college has only been here for about 100 years), gave my mobile no. so the driver could contact me if he\she was having problems.

Kept an eye on tracking all day and suddenly it states the parcels were delivered (one requiring a signature). As I didn't have them I checked with the alternative delivery point, surprise surprise they didn't have them either.

So on to helpdesk again, should have a reply from the depot by 18:30 as to where the parcels were delivered to. I won't be using any Company that has Yodel as their courier again and have told Kandco that.

So, here we are at 21:21 on 11/09/13, still no closer to tracing where my parcels were left, managed to get hold of a livechat advisor after being on hold on the helpdesk line for 20 minutes, no reply from the depot to the query left by the previous person I'd spoken to at around 16:30, guess who I'll be phoning at 08:00 tomorrow?

On the phone at 08:00, very unhelpful phonejockey only willing to quote the company line, 'it was delivered with a signature, your dispute is now with Kandco as they want to investigate these things.' Have now tried emailing the people the stooges on this site say are wonderful at solving problems, not holding my breath.

Guess what emailed then got a reply on here asking me to email them, doesn't boost my confidence.

The saga ends (or does it) Parcels finally located at 13:00 today when I was approached by one of our cleaning staff to say that they'd found my parcels this morning and had put them into a cupboard for safekeeping. All I need to do now is find out who this mysterious Watts person who signed for my parcels is and where they were between the driver delivering them and our cleaners starting work at 06:30. Why can't we have negative stars on this site, I am more and more convinced that any positive reviews for Yodel are posted by Yodel employees.

just done a bit of online searching, Yodel and Kandco have the same parent company, guess I won't be buying from kandco or any of the other mail order catalogues in their group

Why do I get the feeling that all the positive comments on Yodel are posted by people sitting behind computers in Yodel offices.

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12 September 2013

Reply from Yodel

Hi Graham.

Did you resolve your parcel query?

I'd love it if you could let me know, or if you need any assistance please pop and email over to :-)


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