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The London Pass

No queues and makes you visit things you might not

Not everything's included, so check those things you definitely want to see are. Other than that, you get special treatment and, if you're like us, because the London Pass includes places you may not have thought to go, you go anyway. Great!


Despite dodgy reviews, an entirely perfect experience.

Following bad reviews I was a little reulctant to go ahead with the offer but after some investigation decided I could reduce the risks, plus the offer was too good. I decided to port my old number myself - Uswitch has a section explaining how to do this yourself and it worked with no problems in around 24 hours. The website doesn't seem to have the ability to request a porting of a number and this would be an added complication anyway. I also decided to not to have the phone delivered to my works address as I expected the convenience would be far outwayed by the complications, due to extra security, this may cause - plus the website didn't seem to function properly for a separate delivery address when I first tried it. In the end the phone came the following day in perfect, sealed, original packaging. Communications (by e-mail) were good throughout and the website also gave tracking information of the order and the delivery, plus a text message before the phone was delivered. Yes, I did cancel the insurance during the order process. There is a 'technical support' option you can't cancel during the order process but this is all above board and upfront with a website for the company in question if you look. The day after the delivery of the phone we were emailed by this 'technical support' company and I could cancel through their website. The only itsy-bitsy-tiny glitch was the phone was supposed to cost me £99.99 - they billed my card for £100 - shocker! . . . I may just let that one slide!

Beyond Television

5 Stars says it all

Great price and delivery as requested with a phone call just prior to delivery. Can you ask for more?


Sweet Service

2 sets of kids headphones delivered next day as requested. Came with a free Chupa Chups lolly. To avoid arguments, I'm having it now! 1 lolly per item next time please - but I won't rate you down for it!

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