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Just Eat

Charged me FOUR times and then refused my order - DISGRACE

NEVER again!!! Had a rough day and decided to order some food, kids are in bed so we can't head out and get takeaway, or cash.

I ordered from a regular takeaway I normally eat from and my payment failed. I checked my bank worried, balance was fine! I tried again, failed. Tried typing my name with capitals, retyping the address etc. No luck, just several failed payments. Some failing instantly, some trying to verify though lloyds securecart and then failing.

I then speak to just eat who say the order did not go through and they have no idea why its happening, they apologised but I still have no food. My partner then checks the bank and notices two payments have came off the available balance, he immediately calls the bank who informs us whilst on the phone that a further two more payments were on their way out and because we were actually shopping and it was a mistake and not fraud, there was nothing they could do!

A total of £74 came out our bank for HEE-HAW!

Just eat seen the transactions and said they would get admin team to call in the morning and refund, bank informed me this would take 7 working days at least!

Just Eat would not action the order, or give me a voucher or anything to ensure we still ate tonight and because of the large chunk of our cash they took, we couldn't purchase elsewhere either!!! Not a goodwill gesture or anything.

Absolutely furious, I went to Justeat.....because I wanted to JUST EAT. Instead I think I typed in instead.

I think its fair to say that we are very angry and hungry haters of the JustEat Website. There website is unsafe, their checkout unpredictable and does not function safely - they should be shut down.

P.S. Cut out the middle man.... use just eat to browse takeaways and menus - but then google and call the takeaway direct, its cheaper (often with free delivery rather than several pounds like what is charge on JustEat) and many take card payments anyway.

After ordering from my chosen takeaway direct, I got my order and have now been fed, plus I saved £5 by cutting out JustEat.... finally something good to say with JustEat in the same sentence!

12 September 2013

Reply from

Hello Sha,

I'm really sorry to hear that your order was not successful. Unfortunately due to data protection, we are unable to see the reason as to why payments are unsuccessful, therefore we would advise you to contact your bank to find out the reason you experienced issues when trying to order with us.

If you would like us to investigate further for you then please forward the details to : and we'll see what we can do.

Edit: Hey, just noticed that you've added another concern to the original review. Just so you know, the online menus should reflect the takeaways prices in store.

In order for our takeaways to go live they must provide a paper copy of their menu. If you've noticed any differences in prices then this is something we take seriously. Would you mind emailing us with the details of the takeaway? Thanks for letting us know anyway. We look forward to your email. :)

Kind Regards,

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