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As usual you only know the quality of a company when things go wrong!

I tried to LOG ON my MBNA account last Saturday pm and was unable to do so with mixed messages, such as part log in procedure ok, the main security element picture and word message was not functioning giving me cause for concern.

I sent an e-mail to advise only... and was only contacted....not by my request on the Tuesday following the Saturday,my in bound calls are all blocked to private deleted numbers on my land line and mobile so the call backs went unanswered. I sent 2nd e-mail to ASK for no more calls as they were phoning twice a day, and as i work nights the calls were waking me up!

They ignore my request. I today phoned them, and after numerous automated call gestures and a 2 minute wait after the sequence of actions.. a most agitated and unhelpful sales agent was totally uninterested in my reason for the message I sent them last Saturday and in fact had no record of my if like me you experience a problem do not expect to be re-aasured on your point of concern or be left with a WOW feeling of care after contacting them o 0800 062 062

A shame as until this incident I was 100% happy with MBNA - now I am not so sure...


BT = Beware Tedious arrogance to themselves!

A few years ago a neighbour added a new phone line for a dedicated fax machine and OPEN REACH disconnected on a FRIDAY afternoon all near by BT lines while installing the product ours included.

We explained I was disabled with epilepsy and needed a phone line and were told in no uncertain terms we were NOT a priority....tough...we do not do weekend call outs and we waited till the following Wednesday to have the BT line restored....enough said!

We thought today some 5 years after to see if BT's arrogance had changed!

Alas not...beware of the BT SPORT scam.....

We are full subscriber's to SKY including SPORTS and HD...

We thought to add BT SPORTS for the so called £12 would be expensive but to give it a go....alas not as straight forward.....£15 charged for someone to put the switch on for you and no doubt line Sky with a few quid....and £3 per month extra for the HD the arrogant BT thrives.....

In addition BT promised BROADBAND improvements in our village for 2013!

Surprise surprise 2014 and still no improvements....this is one monopoly that needs destroyed for ever......

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Simply...awful...late always..2 days to respond to late deliveries...AVOID!

* You would be quicker delivering goods by yourself!
** Amazon trust this company with a share of the next day delivery and I spend over £1000 a year with AMAZON PRIME
***DPD couriers AMAZON share as well and are NEVER late 10/10
****Amazon share the deliveries - I have now had 3 late experiences and 3 wasted days with no next day delivery
*****The worst part of Parcelforce is knowing they will let you down and they do not care as the customer service is set up to take 2 days to respond to your enquiry when your valuable package is late...enough said...!!

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Asda recently getting really poor with it's service....first new website when busy takes me over 40 minutes to order 36 items! usual DELI BAKERY NEWSPAPER items ordered always show not available! MULTI BEER offer 2 x £15 failed to show on promotions saved....double checked site and the products ordered Guinness Draught and Bud Light with Lime shown in section SHOW all 2 x £15 products....customer services very so so on giving feedback...but did refund £2 not trust ASDA's computer's to understand their OWN promotions...CHECK EVERY ITEM and that your promotions advertised are CHARGED CORRECTLY...

Asda still has best prices and I know by not having loyalty cards etc ARE 10% cheaper!

Asda drivers's always on time and very courteous....well done.

Bring back the old website...Give your computer's a VERBAL WARNING!!!



Brand new Samsung Galaxy Note 2 just stopped working - "3" passed the buck to Samsung - seems a known worldwide problem with faulty chips and motherboard to blame causing Sudden Death Syndrome to your phone!

All seemed ok at first with Samsung with pre-paid jiffy bag sent within 24 hours, plus helpful chap on phone who took details....

Then it all goes wrong Samsung has had phone for 5 days but the clever Samsung site that is set up to keep your repair on tracking diary is misleading,not updated daily despite showing that repair was due to be completed on 23/10 then 24/10 it is now 25/10 and the site still shows repair due to be ready for 23/10!!!!

I am disabled - no access to a phone - "3" beware DO NOT OFFER ANY LOAN phone or INDEED ANY IN SHOP send it away REPAIR service they stick a SAMSUNG leaflet in your hand and tell YOU - you sort it out with them nothing to do with us!

Today in news samsung announce a 26% PROFIT increase... no wonder we the poor customer pay good money for dubious products then led a merry dance to have it fixed!

AVOID any SAMSUNG product and AVOID 3 UK neither care about their customers!


Too Clever Nil Support

Previously happy Norton 360 user
My annual subscription ended read on line reviews Total Security got rave reviews so gave it a go...
It destabilized my laptop as its autopilot settings are not suitable for many computer configurations so it kept switching off my wifi connection every 2/3 minutes plus numerous othet support unlike Nprton who responded always within 12 hours and remotely fixed any issues
If your a computer Geek ok...if a middle of the road or novice user avoid....


Great Deals with lots of Stress Factors

First praise = some great deals with good quality products offering great value....

BUT lots of niggles to beware of......
1.You place 1 order it can arrive in 3 separate deliveries as warehouses all over the UK and on 3 different days
2.They accept orders for stock shown as available then wait days to tell you that item out of stock with no covering note to explain if to follow or when it will be despatched or even if never available again
3.Customer Service non existent and your questions will remain unanswered
4.Lots of codes/offers so take time with order or u could miss out on discounts or free delivery! !
5 Delivery company will drive you crazy Hermes...they do not knock ...they throw on your garage floor or wheelie bin your order.....they drive ip your drive in a private car.....

So if you like lots of disappointment and hazzle go for it....a shame as products genuinely ok....

11 October 2013

Reply from Bhsdirect

Hi Eric, thanks for leaving us this feedback as we like to know what our customers think. I believe this will help us improve in the future. Would you mind providing me with your order number so I can look into this for you? And also let me know if there is anything else I can help you with :) thankyou, Brittany.


Very Unpredictable - Totally Unreliable

Why it all depends on who AMAZON decide to route your PRIME delivery courier order with!

Many including DPD are excellent 10/10 which include regular text messages stating delivery in hourly slots - great

Many though are very suspicious in fact dubious - they will claim attempted delivery when no delivery attempt made...and even claim a card was left...when again no card left!

So if you are depending on a PRIME next day delivery it's a LOTTERY dependent on who AMAZON decide to trust your valuable order beware that very important next day delivery may never get to you when you need it!

So you pay £42 a year for a delivery LOTTO service.......fine when it works and to be fair it does on many orders but there again as I have found on important orders it will let you down.....

Amazon do not care nor do the 2nd rate couriers when you complain!

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Unpleasant Staff Pricing Errors Hopeless

Used to shop frequently till refurbished
Scarborough branch - staff rude Deputy Manager shouts at staff on shop floor
Today last straw shouted at by check out staff and overcharged on shopping
Queued for ages at so called Customer Service desk
No sign of the Duty Manager 1030 am....
You can shop elsewhere locally cheaper and by more pleasant happy staff



Always let's my Amazon Prime orders down Citylink deliver next day so do Royal Mail HDNL take up to 5 days

Amazon Prime should be Amazon Pot Luck.....

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Sage Pay

One Way Only Support - Beware of!

I was foolish enough to trust a retailer on line with a £58 order for goods supported by Sagepay, with a prominent feature on the front centre page of the retailer's webpage featuring "Sagepay'

The supplier failed to process the order, and some time after they have not refunded the £58 order which Sagepay collected/processed on their behalf.

"Rules of Confidentiality" will meet you when you try and seek any help or support from Sagepay when you as a customer experiences a genuine problem with non-delivery of goods from a supported retailer combined with a rock hard attitude of disassociation from the transaction as far as you the customer is concerned and a 100% support to their supported retailer.

I will not use in the future any web retailer that supports and uses Sagepay as a means of payment. So be warned only use if YOU can trust the retailer 100%. This company makes the [Link] Customer Services appear great.....

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Beware ! Seek reviews at order Stage!!!!!

I have had a nightmare with a listed approved Shopzilla company by the name of coffeebuyer based in Barnsley UK

I trusted company with an on-line order because of the so called bona-fida reviews from Shopzilla.

I placed my order and then had to do a review for the trader via Shopzilla..

My order never arrived - contacted company who stated had no record of my order - asked for a refund and over a week later what a surprise no refund - now the hassle of dealing with credit card company etc etc.

Site pay system 'sagepay' no help what so ever and despite numerous e-mails coffee buyer do not replt!

Avoid coffeebuyer,avoid Shopzilla as no means to pass comments via contact us section of site just numerous sales leads encouraging companies to sign up.

Wish I had never heard of all 3 companies!!

Sorry - first time ever experienced a problem with on-line trader


Olympic Ticket Shambles - heres who to blame folks!

Responsible for the worst ticketing website for the countries greatest event.

Shows continued availability of tickets for loads of events but denies purchase because they have not invested in technology to cope with the demands of a busy website.....

Medal position - LAST!

Mazuma Mobile

Fabdazzydossie x 2

Effortless £££
Search Enter Post Receive :££
A to B in less than 72hours

Just sold 2nd phone same effortless and fast track payment as first sale

They earn their ***** rating!

Getting Better!

After initial problems with stock and by getting in touch with very helpful Customer Services as they suggest when things are a worry - seems all well with £900 order and on the order will be on the way within days.

Well Done

Thank You - Better Bathrooms Customer Services

John Lewis

Delivers..Well done.

Great choice
Varied delivery options
Not the cheapest but overall value on all bits is 10/10
Trusted company adds to the + factor
No grief guaranteed

First Class in Every Way!

***** Product range - choice and prices will wow you.
***** Stock advertised on site updated so no non delivered items
***** 24 hour FREE delivery if you spend £50+
***** Courier they use brilliant you can if you wish change delivery to suit YOU at no extra cost plus they text you on day of delivery to advise an HOURLY delivery slot so you can plan your day without hanging around not knowing when delivery due
Avoid others have tried such as coffeebuyer UK who rate * or totally hopeless
Great Service from a Quality Company who care......


Credit Card a real Stinker!

Be very very very careful!
They start you off on a low APR rate then as you use your card and build a balance but well within your credit limit BEWARE watch your interest rate go up!
You make any changes to your DD mandate they IGNORE it so they can collect yet more late interest generated payments. Allow 12 weeks for any DD mandate to take effect.
Any complaint is paid lip service by very HELPFUL but non-able staff in a way off far off land...the Leeds team only take interest as a last result and are very condescending when brought to life to take any interest in your plight!
There are far better service CREDIT providers and the deal of a free grocery delivery when spending £100 does in no way make up for the grief in dealing with the card provider. Asda take note!


Poor design Poor results ARIEL STAIN REMOVER 2L

Cap melted in hot wash - design confusion looks like wash ball but not!
Results poor.


Cancellation Team call to 3 Screws up My Phone account!

Was ***** BUT

I have 4 X Three contracts and just been conned by their Cancellation Sales Staff at 333 on what was sold as an UPGRADE turned out to be a SCAM for the 333 sales member staff so they could make a commission and throw my Three Phone account into a sham with no call access and countless other issues.

Three's attitude - tough!

No response after 10 days ! and an inactive £34 phone!

AVOID OR BE PREPARED TO CRY and be out of pocket!

Executive Offices as their 333 calls centre have one policy mess up the customer


No Access to Pay In on Website

Average- You offer schools no choice service - you cannot complain as you sight child privacy as a 'hide behind' rule - your servers are always down resulting in cash payments to children to take to school - I hope you CR schools when your service is down and not available - your company should go back to school to learn some basics on how to operate a company and provide some care in your customer service which is ZERO!
Again 7/9 as 6/9 and 5/9 no access to LOG IN and pay CREDITS a sham company - SCHOOLS ok if technical glitches fixed.

Getting sorted but beware if topping up just after any holidays!

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Stoneacre Motor Group

Ford Fiesta 09 sold with major oil leak!

Previously bought 3 cars from Polar Ford - first time with Stoneacre
Car sold with major engine oil leak only detected by independent garage
Scarborough branch had car for 3 days to fix under warranty only for car to develop further fault with fan belt some days after the 3rd repair
Poor attitude of salesman no contact,no apology no after care whatsoever.
Only took interest on initial contact when Trading Standards mentioned in being contacted with issues.
Will not trust Ford or Stoneacre with any other car purchase.
As usual you only know the quality of care and customer service when things go wrong!

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