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where does it say exactly why this was 'reported' ?-the review infringed on not one of the guidelines, neither did my review of trust pilot itself yet within moments of posting they were both deleted ,it said there was indication of strong language ?!!!!!- which is completely untrue there was not a single swearword in either review though i did strongly indicate that the service of Fields Data recovery is an absolute disgrace ..this entire situation stinks of a large and extremely suspect company dictating what can be written about them on your site and brings into extreme question the validity of this service to the public, if information published is only in the interests of the big company what chance have consumers got of ever getting fair service? How is a company as bad and as disreputable as this allowed to expand ? A minimum amount of research online will show that Fields data recovery have a dreadful reputation and have been caught posting fake reviews and that this company are well known for their foul play and dishonesty tot e extent that there are 2 websites set up by aggrieved customers ,yet they continue to operate and expand.they do so because your service lets the customer down and misleads them,if only 'i'd done more research i would have seen the other reviews an websites, but instead i trusted your reviews to my extreme cost - the company took 10 days to get the hardrive back ,i refused service but they wiped the drive anyway .this is a very bad situation .It shows that many of the reviews on Trust Pilot are bound to be fake .

16 September 2013

Reply from Trustpilot

Hi Alex,

Thanks for your feedback.

I understand why you may think your review has been deleted, however it has only been reported for infringement of our guidelines. On the profile page you can see who reported it and for what reason. Trustpilot is an open platform where anyone can read and write reviews about the companies they buy from, and reporting of reviews is a method to ensure the quality of the reviews. Any consumer or company can report reviews.

One of our employees in Community Support will investigate the issue. Depending on the reason why the review was reported, we may ask you for further information via email. When the investigation is done your review will either be restored or removed permanently.

Companies can’t demand to get a review removed. Reported reviews have to go through the reporting process. We always encourage companies to submit a public answer to any negative feedback. By doing so other consumers can evaluate who is right and wrong.

You can read more about reporting reviews here:

Best Regards,

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