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Unbelievable experience

I rang talk talk in early May 2013 to report my internet which was dropping off and picking up constantly approximately every 2 minutes. I was connected to someone in a foreign call centre who I could barely understand and couldn't understand me. I rang for 5 consecutive days during which time I was given instructions on how to take my junction box to bits, told I had a wiring fault in the house and spoken to very rudely like I was some kind of idiot. I was sent out a new router which resolved nothing. Frustrated at resolving nothing and having no internet for over 2 weeks I rang talk talk to cancel my services and was told to put a complaint in writing which I did on the 19th May 2013, I also asked them to cancel my contract as their "service" was not fit for use and despite trying endlessly nothing was happening to resolve the problem. I waited a few weeks and hearing nothing cancelled my direct debit.

Fast forward to August and I received a letter from talk talk claiming I owed them for 2 months line rental plus a late fee. Again I wrote to talk talk explaining I had asked them to close my account and sent a copy of my original letter dated May 19th 2013. Fast forward again to September and I'm now receiving letters from a debt collection agency. Again I rang talk talk and was spoken to very rudely by a so called manager with absolutely zero people skills or customer service, after over an hour on the phone they said if I paid £41.07 that I owed them they would close my account and I made an immediate payment there and then. I am still getting letters from debt collection agencies as talk talk say they haven't received my payment despite me having proof available. Absolutely farcical, have now asked for a deadlock letter and I'm taking this to the top. Why the hell should I suffer stress because they can't do something simple like close my account?! their service was not fit for use so perhaps they could compensate me for the stress, we'll see.

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