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Awful Customer service, and very unreliable!

I've ordered lots of things on the internet, and apart from a few minor quirks, all the transactions have been conducted in a professional manner and very smoothly, but I guess we all get stung sometimes, and I basically fell into a massive bush of nettles with gameseek!!

Where to start?! Well...I ordered Heavy Rain for the PS3, the full regular release, as was advertised on their website. I paid £3 for delivery, and after I was sent the dispatch email I received the game 3 whole working days later. 3 working days for £3 delivery on something that essentially is as light as a feather! It was sent by Royal Mail 48 hour service, and probably cost them about £1...nice that they make a bit of money of their customers by doing this...anyway...when the game arrived I opened it, and in the jiffy was Heavy Rain, Move edition...PS3 essentials release! Completely NOT what I ordered, and I was super annoyed because it was a birthday gift for somebody, and I had no time to get it replaced, and had to go out on a Saturday morning to buy them another game as a replacement.

After emailing gameseek and posting the game back to them first thing on a Monday morning (I received it on a Friday), I got a reply at about 10am on the Monday giving me a return code to write on the package. I emailed back and said I'd already posted it, but all the necessary information was in the jiffy bag, including their original dispatch note, so they would have all the necessary information and know exactly who it was from. I stated fully and clearly that I wanted it exchanged for the full original release of the game, which is what I had ordered from them. I then got a reply stating that as I hadn't used the return code it would be quite possible the game would be sent back to me again!

At this stage, not unreasonably, I started to get annoyed. I explained all the information was in the jiffy, and all they had to do was open it and read what was inside, and they would understand exactly what had happened and what they needed to do....but no...I got another email quoting T&C's to me!! Customer service failure number 1! When you make a mistake, don't push this back on your customer and make them feel like they've done something wrong! As you've made the mistake, be accommodating and do whatever is necessary to rectify the problem. That way you'll earn their respect and they'll be happy that you're trying to help them, and there won't be a problem.

After a few niggly emails going back and forth I finally got a semi apology, and an assurance that they would do whatever they could to rectify the situation. I discovered several days later, that their version of rectifying the situation was to cancel the order (I received a refund from paypal), and that was it, no further email from them, nothing. I assumed, when I saw the refund from paypal that it was just procedure, that they would refund that order and then dispatch the correct item and bill me again, but no, nothing at all. I specifically stated on several occasions that I wanted the item replaced with the correct item that I had originally ordered, so again I emailed them a few days later, and asked what was happening, and was told they had just refunded the order and that was my lot basically. Brilliant huh?! Customer Service failure number 2! If you can't dispatch the correct item for whatever reason, a quick curteous email to the customer explaining this, perhaps with a small apology would go a long way!

What the whole thing boils down to, which is plain to see, is the fact that they never had the item that they were advertising in the first place, and I've read on several other review sites that they've done the very same thing to other customers as well, that is dispatch essentials releases of PS3 games when they're advertising the full original release. It's basically false advertising, and lies I'm sorry to say. I'm really not an unreasonable guy, and if they'd just been honest right from the off and said sorry but we don't have the exact item you've ordered, would you accept the essentials move edition instead, I would have said no but I would have appreciated their honesty, and we all could have moved on. What really annoyed me is the completely unprofessional manner in which they handled the entire transaction, and it's what has prompted me to write something of this length, which I never normally do because I never have to.

I'm not going to start yelling things like "do not buy from these people" because I'm not like that, and as I said I'm not an unreasonable guy, but all I can give you is my honest opinion about my experience with gameseek, and it was nothing short of abysmal. I would never use them again, ever. my advice in a nutshell is to stick to the reputable companies that we all know and love, and you won't be disappointed. If you've read this whole review, I hope you can take something from it and make a wise decision.

All the best people - Cheers!

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