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The website design is fine, delivery is usually quick but if you dare to find a bra unfitting and try to return it for a refund or a store credit - OMG! the horror! I once had to chase them for months! (literally) to get a simple refund for one bra I had returned (within the return time frame they allow for refunds). The second time I got the package very late, more then a month after ordering and when I asked them if I can return some of the items still, for a store credit or something I was simply IGNORED, time and time again.
Moreover, if you look at their "terms and conditions" page you'll find a threatening "fraud" section:


which is likely to make to you feel like a thief more than a costumer. They're fine as long as you don't cause "trouble" like daring to ask for a refund or make a return. If you're smart - stir away, especially as finding a bra that fits is so hard to find and it is likely that you'll have to make a return sometime.

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