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They Rip You OFF With Shipping Costs

Look they offer these great deals of stuff, but when you check out the shipping cost id ridiculous. Lets say you buy an item, they assign a weight to it. Example, I little voltage monitor that weighs 5 grams, they assign a weight of 30 grams. They do it to everything, then nail you at checkout. I ordered 5 items that amounted to $139.50. They charged me $59.00 in shipping.

I despise Postal profiteers, and Hobby King is the King of making money on postage. When the box arrived, it was stamped with the total amount of shipping ($19.83 us equivalent), I was so pissed that I vowed to never give my money to them again.

I hate liars and conmen. These types of Chinese companies will do almost anything to pick your pockets clean. If you are a US customer, buy from a US based company. You might pay a few buck more on the product, but the shipping will be less, and you wont have to wait 24 days to get your stuff.

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