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Incompetent Talk Talk

Rang talk Talk got a price which was excellent, Gave them the go ahead to take over my phone line and install me their 30 meg B Band which they said they would do on the 4/9/13 this day came and neither the phone nor the B Band had been installed by 5pm i rang them to be told that the engineers worked till midnight, Very strange this as i have never heard of phone engineers working so late. Anyway i wasnt fooled and told them that if it wasnt on by 6 pm i would not be happy. The phone and B Band wasnt on by 11pm so we went to bed knowing at this time there was little we could do, And just hopeing that when we got up the following day that every thing would be up and running.But this wasnt to be the phone line was on so we could make phone calls but not recieve calls and the B Band wasnt working at all. I rang them not very happy and after going through the security and a lengthy time i was told they needed another 48 hours, I was not prepard to accept this and told them i couldnt trust them to do it and cancelled with them using the your in breach of contract because you didnt do the install on day you should have done. My phone went dead after a few days , I had already returned their equipment in their pre paid bag on the 6/9/13. Then by some miracle my phone rang round about the 10th it was a friend . So right after the call we rang Talk Talk again and went through the process again of security and cancelling. We were told that it wouldnt let them cancel as there were open orders for the B Band and to ring back in acouple of days, Which we did and in the mean time i had instructed Virgin to install their system. Rang them back on saturday yet again to try one more time to cancel again told they couldnt has there were still orders in flight and asked to ring back in a couple of days to try again. I have rung back this morning 17/9/13 to try yet again told the same that it could not be done has there were still orders in flight for the fiber and the normal B Band was on after insisting that they cancell the order which they made a mess of in the first place was then told that they had cancelled the orders from the 23/9/13 then she proceeded to read a cancellation notice and the penalties that could be added to the account because i was still in contract when they send a final bill and not to cancel payment by direct debit because there could be more charges for not paying by direct debit applied to my account. This as been a total night mare wish i had never heard of Talk Talk and will never use them or recomend them to anyone.

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