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UK Digital Cameras

would've given 10 stars if i could!

Best customer service ever. I ordered a gopro but misread the delivery info and didn't select express service which meant my new toy would not arrive before i was going off on holiday. My fault completely.

However, an email to customer service later, i had a reply from Holly saying they had upgraded my order free of charge so that i would get my gopro in time to take on holiday.

Would wholeheartedly recommend UK Digital Cameras. It's rare to get such great customer service. I'm still grinning at the thought of my gopro coming away with me :-)

Easy to use website

Sadly the owner, who I have emailed twice now, still hasn't replied :-(

05 February 2014

Reply from

Dear Liz,

Thank you for your comment.

We do our best to make sure that the property owner respond to all enquiries as fast as possible. We do this by sending them an email with all the necessary information and we also send them an SMS alert saying that they received an enquiry from a guests. In the end it is up to the property owner to respond.

I would be happy to help you reach this property owner, please send me an email to with the property ID or the email then i will get back to you as soon as possible.

If you have any other questions, you are always welcome to contact us and we will be happy to help you.

Have a nice weekend.

Best regards,

Support - Feel at home


report them to manchester trading standards please!

A member of staff took a call asking him to confirm various 'account' details and if he could authorise payment. He said he couldn't but could forward the invoice onto Head Office.

I received an invoice today for £299+vat. I called to say this was a mistake, we hadn't set an account up, we already were listed on Google Places and therefore had no need for an account and finally that the person taking the call was not authorised to enter into any contracts on behalf of the business.

Long story short, they provided a partial copy of the phone conversation, very slick sales guy and this has been taken as a "Legally Binding Verbal Contract" even though we have been given absolutely no details of the service we have been signed up for.

I contacted Manchester Trading Standards and have been advised not to pay but they can't take any further action without more people complaining. Please contact them on 0161 234 1589 and stop this from happening to other people/businesses.


Worst customer service. Still unresolved. Very sad 4yr old still waiting for his birthday present.

I order regularly from lots of companies on the Internet and have NEVER received such bad customer service as I have from this company. I cannot believe their lack of care and lack of concern when things go wrong as they have with my order. Please think very very carefully before ordering from them if you have any kind of deadline.

Long story below but I felt it necessary to detail how frustrating this has been - and I still don't have the goods I ordered.

My 4yr old nephew's birthday was last Saturday. Earlier in the week I ordered a seesaw as a present from me and his nana. Delivery was confirmed for Friday, the day before his birthday. Perfect timing for his party on Sunday. I received an email from the delivery company on Friday evening to say it was awaiting collection. I tried phoning them but no one answered so I waited until Saturday morning and called world stores to see what had happened. Their website says they are open for calls on Saturday but a message said otherwise.

I emailed to report that my delivery hadn't arrived and got a reply on Monday to say it has been delivered to the wrong depot and would be delivered on Wednesday. I replied asking for a quicker delivery as it was already way past the agreed delivery date but was told this wasn't possible.

Wednesday came and went and again no delivery. I emailed again on thurs morning to ask what had happened. I got no reply so called the delivery company who said the package had arrived with them late on Friday (so no chance it was ever going to get delivered on Friday anyway) but that it hadn't been seen since. In other words they had lost it. Not world stores fault but I don't understand why I had been told that it was out for delivery on Wednesday given the info I had just been given.

I emailed world stores again to say I had clearly been given incorrect information and felt I was being fobbed off and ignored now. I then received a call, no apologies but was told that they would send another seesaw out for delivery on Saturday, or Monday. Now it was over a week overdue. I asked for an express delivery given the problems I had encountered but was told this wouldn't be possible but she could get it out for Saturday for me - if that's what I wanted! I said tha t if that was a definite delivery date then I would grudgingly accept it but that I wasn't happy at all.

Today, Friday, a week after my delivery was due, I received a text asking me of I would prefer a tues, weds, or thurs delivery. I could also request a callback which I did immediately. An hour later I received the same text again. I again requested a callback. Again nothing.

I have emailed customer services, complaints and replied to the email I received originally from Lucy regarding my original complaint. It's now 17:30 and no-one has replied to me.

I am now going to attempt to cancel my order, get my money back and order this elsewhere..

Within 15 minutes of leaving this review I had a call from word stores who had read my review and received all the emails i sent them today. The news was not good. They had never come across the delivery texts that I had received earlier and on contacting their supplier about hold on I said - what supplier - I ordered from you, are you not the supplier? Turns out they are not and just order from other people when they receive orders. The plot thickens. Anyway, despite being promised a delivery tomorrow (3rd delivery time I have now been promised) that is not going to happen as the 'supplier' has not sent the goods out yet.

So I requested a refund and again stated that I have NEVER received such bad service in my life before. I have received an email to say that my refund has been processed but given the problems other people appear to have had after being promised refunds, I will not hold my breath. Sadly my lovely little nephew will have to wait until I do get this refund before I can order a replacement for him.

They have an extremely professional looking website but unlike many other suppliers, there is nowhere on their site to leave feedback. Now I know why. Buyers beware. You might get lucky. Or you might not.

I will report back regards my refund...hopefully positively.

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13 May 2013

Reply from

Dear Liz,

Thank you for your review. I am really sorry that there has been a delay in delivering your goods as well as the poor service you have received. I am looking into your order now and will be in touch shortly to let you know what is going on.

Kind Regards


no contact when things go wrong

I 'tried' to order a fridge on Saturday evening. When I got to the last page before purchasing none of my personal details were showing - just blanks. I went back and re-entered everything - and the same thing happened. I submitted my payment anyway but took a note of the order ref.

I emailed them immediately to say what had happened as I was concerned they might have my payment but no contact details.

I heard nothing back by Monday mid morning so emailed again to say that if I hadn't heard from them by 2.30pm I would order elsewhere as I needed the fridge urgently.

I emailed again at 2.30pm to say that i was cancelling my order and ordering elsewhere. I copied this to customer services, after sales, and general enquiries.

Tuesday morning and still no reply whatsoever. I don't know if they delivery will turn up tomorrow - I don't know if they will take payment from me.

Based on my experience of sending 5 emails as well as my order now - and having no response other than a couple of auto-responders I wouldn't recommend this company at all.

I could phone them - but I shouldn't need to. I ordered online and expect to be able to converse with them online.

I'll post again if I hear anything from them - or indeed receive a delivery!!

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