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what a joke Cex

cex is a complete joke they dont follow the sales of goods act the staff have no tech training wots so ever and mainly kids. i have brought many handsets from them all have turned out to be faulty stolen water damaged etc trying to get a refunds from them is impossible as they fob you off we oh we have to test it to see the fault bla bla they have no idea on the sales of good act or consumer rights they very quick at taking the cash from the customer i would recommend nobody goes with cex. very poor customer services lack of tech knowledge they dont even know how to test a blackberry when brought in they are told to check host routing table which has nothing to do with testing a blackberry and only used for internet access they dont even know you have to have a blackberry enabled sim to check a blackberry correctly i have passed this matter to trading standards for a review on cex business practices evn they own staff claim that contacting the head office is a complete waste of time because they are neither bothered or care
the prices omg are more than retail for second hand goods they charge more than the actual goods new you are better off buying new goods at least you will get a refund if the good become faulty unlike cex when goods are normally faulty or become faulty in days

25 November 2013

Reply from CeX

Hi Sean,

Thanks for the feedback.

We do listen to all customer feedback, and I appreciate the comments made. All feedback is passed on, as we always look to improve in our weaker areas to ensure we offer the service our customers deserve.

Many Thanks


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