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Excellent service

Fast, quick service within days had my lenses. Would recommend to all painfree transaction and will use again.


Diabolical Service from npower -The Company that Doesn't Care About Customers

Called to pay off outstanding balance on my account and then find out npower have taken the amount twice causing me to go overdrawn. When contacted they gave incorrect information to retrieve monies telling me the bank would do an indemnity claim, which on calling they informed me that was only applicable to direct debit payments, not card transactions that go through numerous times when customer services advise that it had failed and asked for deals again! When after listening to their pathetic justifications of why and what emails I could send to where etc. I asked the complaints advisor just WHEN was I going to receive my £600 back she replied 'oh for gods sake'!!! Sorry for asking, £600 is to most a large sum of money, but obviously npower complaints advisors have huge sums of money in their bank accounts and £600 is a drop in the ocean to them. She then advised me that my bank would pay any fees incurred, news to Barclays when I told then. Pointed out I wanted my interest on my monies refunded to me along with my money, apparently though npower bank accounts don't earn interest on customers money!! Npower obviously think we all live, not even sail in banana boats!! Customer and complaints service is non existent and they have no interest in resolving the problem. Needless to say we are moving and going to the ombudsman regarding their shoddy service and inability or even desire to refund monies they removed without permission let alone being understanding about the stress they have caused. Like most we have bills to pay and food to buy and npower couldn't even careless. We 'might' get the monies returned in 4 days,might being the operative word.
I wish I had read the reviews others had left due to their experiences with them as after spending hours reading since this occurred it is extremely clear and apparent that out of all the utility providers npower has the lowest customer ratiing of them all and from my experience is it well deserved. As I pointed out to them yesterday, no customers, no money, no jobs and Madam in the 'complaints centre' will be in the dole queue where she belongs.

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