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Rohde Schwarz

Nice Product and good service

bought a RTO1004 - fantastic product and excellent service, got a good deal on an ex demo unit too.


Good local printers

Bettaprint do all my business printing - always excellent service.


Excellent Products - Really good customer support

I have used Toradex modules in a number of projects and find them excellent, they save me time to market, and their customer support is excellent.


Simply fantastic

If you are a small business join the FSB. No caveats it’s a no brainer.

Saves me money every year, with the free banking alone. Having “free” good accountancy and legal advice on tap is very reassuring.


Always Excellent Service

I have dealt with Phaedsys for many years and they are always helpful, give good advice, and deliver what they promise. I have no hesitation recommended Phaedsys if you want advice or tools associated with Embedded systems.



Good range of products, invoicing excellent, customer service excellent, good availability of data-sheets, fast accurate delivery, good indication of stock levels.


Appalling Customer Service - simply awful

Customer service staff are not willing to resolve issues or take any ownership of an issues. Even a simple matter such as "My caller display has stopped working" was met with responses such as.

- Thats a network issue I can't help you, and when pressed to be transfered or given another number was simply told to phone the customer service number (again)..
- Your phone service was ceased 2 months ago - odd when I am using it talk talk to you, and talk talk sent me a bill only a few days ago.
- I can't deal with it because I am going home now and am not at work tomorrow, but when I requested it was handed to a colleague, after a bit longer she said "oh I forgot I am in tomorrow."
- Call Customer services - err thats what I did, are you not customer services.
- When I asked to speak to a manager - I was passed to a colleague who eventually admitted they were not a manager, and would not help me either.

After 90 minutes of stone walling trying to get my Caller Display restored and a repeat performance the following day - I have moved to another operator, and feel embarrassed that I have recommend TalkTalk to so many of my friends and colleagues.

I will never do business with Talk Talk again.

I have now left TalkTalk - taken me months for them for them to even get that right.

Remember – you have to phone up to request a refund after you move your service to another provider otherwise TalkTalk will not refund what they owe you. You have to wait a month before you can phone up to request the refund, they will not accept you call before then. Talk about trying to make it hard to get a refund they know they owe you.

My advice do not do business with TalkTalk - I wish I never had.

Kerry Steyn found this review useful

TalkTalk Business

A shambles - avoid doing business with them.

Recently TalkTalk has treated its small business customers with total disrespect, shifting the service to TalkTalk residential who can not cope with business customers, without my permission.

Communications have been misleading at best bordering on plain lies. Customer services in the past month has been appalling, with no one wanting to take any responsibility to resolve even simple issues such as my Caller Display is no longer working.

As an example I was told the TalkTalk customer service person could not help me because my line is ceased despite that fact I was calling form that line, and another customer service person could not resolve my lack of Caller Display because "thats a network issue" but then refused to give me a number or pass me on to someone who could restore my Caller Display service. I asked to speak to a manger and was passed onto a junior colleague, but told she was a manager.

I have started to move my business account to another operator and as soon as that is done I shall move my home line too. I will also no longer recommend talktalk to other businesses or to my friends, as I have done for many years.

Put simply TalkTalk's attitude to small businesses and appalling customer service has driven me away, and put me to a lot of inconvenience.

I strongly recommend not using this company.

Remember – you have to phone up to request a refund after you move your service to another provider otherwise TalkTalk will not refund what they owe you. You have to wait a month before you can phone up to request the refund. In my case it took me four months of hassling to get my refund, after they first tried sending me a cheque made out to a factious person, and I had to wait another month for them to consider re-issuing the cheque I returned in the proper name.

17 September 2013

Reply from TalkTalk Business


We are sorry to hear that you have been inconvenienced and that we have not, on this occasion provided what you would expect from a Business Grade Service.

At TalkTalk Business we value feedback from our customers as it enables us to make any necessary improvements to the service that we provide.

May we ask that you e-mail details of the issues you have experienced to, quoting the reference Trust KS 1041955 in the subject field.

Once received, we will investigate and work towards a resolution as a matter of urgency.

Kind Regards,

Online Support Team

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