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Just love QuickQuid. It has been my saviour on many an occasion. I don't earn very much and most months I am out of pocket by some way or another. I have noone I can rely on to borrow I have to use QuickQuid. Their online site is very easy to use. The decision is almost instantaneous and their online chat customer service staff are lovely. Highly recommend them for short, sharp, quick loans that you can afford to pay off as you can spread the payments and its not soo far above what you actually borrow. I try to keep my borrowings at around £50 but there are occasions where I can go over. But so long as I honour the monthly repayment rate, everything is smooth. And they also give me quite nice discounts on the loans as I've been a good customer and it helps with my Credit rating too.

So all in all a great great and caring company for a payday loan outfit. They are indeed caring and it comes across.

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Suzanne Sara Hayes
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Nice, kind person that life has hit and made into a somewhat cynical one..