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Not a good experience for me

AnyVan may be OK if you don't need specific times or dates. I needed a car delivered and was emailing one transporter and waited for ten hours emailing two or three times to see if the alternate date I wanted was ok . Then he just said sorry, can't do. I contacted another bidder who said he would confirm the following day . Again emailed about three times. Aimee from AnyVan left a voicemail for him but I did not even get the courtesy of a reply. Maybe I was unlucky, but I didn't feel it was professional. If they can't do a job it only takes a couple of minutes to let people know. Full marks to Aimee though who was very helpful she alone earned the two stars.


Same appalling customer service

I can only concur with the other reviews on this page. DON'T TOUCH TALKTALK WITH A BARGEPOLE! Great promises, appalling service. What you see isn't what you get. I had the most appalling experience for several months when I first signed up to them six years ago.. After that it wasn't too bad. I looked at their YouView service and I was told that they had worked very hard at making great improvements in their customer service. Don't believe it. Incorrect billing, promotions offered but not given, loss of service, a wait of two to three weeks for an engineer, call centres manned by robots reading scripts who couldn't care less. If you LOVE stress you'll get plenty of it.


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