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Competent, down to earth security company with common sense

I found the company to be based on addressing and filling the gaps of all the faults with big boys in the industry have. I started with a moderately small contract and moved all my FM including security for the 750 people office after I saw their capabilities. The guys are all down to earth, clear communicators and not set on getting as much out of you as possible.

They come off as very commercial, which is the only downside to potential companies with smaller operations as they may be scared off, but are easily reachable and very friendly.

My account manager was Craig Greatorex since 2010.


Unprofessional and couldn't be bothered with me

I just called in asking for information on pricing plans and the American woman couldn't get me off the phone quick enough. When the first person, [name], picked up, he picked up on someone elses phone; "Hello [name] phone, [Name] speaking", so was unable to deal with me and was rustling the phone around unprofessionally. I was then passed to an abrupt woman who wanted to "cut the call short" as she also was "on someone else phone and had a meeting to get to". She didn't disagree with me when I stated "I understand I'm not important" and she proceeded to say "yes, goodbye". I am upset with the lack of care and it worries me how these guys seem to be on other peoples phones and picking up calls without having the time to speak with their customers. I have no doubt they'll leave a reply saying how wrong I am and how good they are, but it's rubbish. They sound professional on the phone, have no manners (the voicemail left by [name] was "yeah hi erm..." and generally seem like an exceptionally poor organisation. This is of course my opinion only.

I would like to add that these people have now emailed me stating they refuse for their staff to be named and have edited it and furthermore find the word I used to describe the organisation, "coarse". To this I'd say; "get out a little more love. If you think moderate language that can be said on day time American TV "coarse", then you clearly don't socialise." But of course, they won't speak with me regarding this.

Oh and by the way, they DO allow names of employees in the reviews, cause I've got a handful here with FULL employee names on reviews. Just cause this review isn't positive on the POOR business, doesn't mean they can moderate my free speech. But yet they tried. Poor, poor business skills.

This is my review.

09 October 2013

Reply from Trustpilot

Hi Jack,

Thanks for taking the time to leave your review on Trustpilot.

I'm sorry to hear you were not satisfied when you called up to ask about the pricing plans. Please accept our apologies that the call was not up to the standard you would expect when contacting us.

Regarding the names on employees in the reviews, it does actually contravene our guidelines to mention employee names in the reviews. You can read our guidelines here:

You will also notice that the use of coarse language contravenes our guidelines. Since we do not censor reviews before they are published on Trustpilot, we rely on companies/users to report reviews that they believe contravene our guidelines. If you notice a review that contains employee names or otherwise contravenes our guidelines, you are welcome to use our reporting function under the review in question. It will then be looked into by our team.

I hope this explains why the changes had to be made to your review, and apologise again for any experience you had with Trustpilot that didn't meet your expectations.

Best Regards,


Decent company, reasonable for what they are and good tech systems

They are a decent company with reasonable prices compared to others who can charge as much as £25 per £100. They give out the money quickly and they are open 24/7. It's annoying they are all American, and the call centre is in America, and the phone system they use is worse than Skype, but you can get through and do what you need to do.

Good app and website (although the app has a bug - it has no 'next' button on my active customer account and they refuse to believe me) but generally you can get around the company without having to call them every 5 minutes. Good online live chat too,

A good 7.5/10 from me.

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