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Never EVER use Goldcar, or Holiday Autos. Here's my experience: Booked a car through Holiday Autos online for a holiday in LaManga, Spain, picking the car up at Murcia airport. Go every year and usually use bravocarhire.com and Solmar - who have always been fine and straightforward, but this time went with others as they had a cheaper quote (ha!)

I had prepaid the car rental (£141) and knew I also had to buy a full tank of petrol (88 Euros), which they would only take on a Visa Debit card. I paid, then the hard sell for insurance started. Knowing this is just a way for them to get more money, I refused, so they said I then had to take a swipe of my credit card (not my Visa debit) against an excess of 6000 Euros!!!! I told them this was insane, but they said if I didn't give them the swipe or buy the insurance, I couldn't have the car. I reluctantly gave them my Amex credit card and they took a swipe, gave me the receipt and I got the car. A week later, I returned the car, undamaged, and all was well... Until I got my Amex statement, and saw that I had a payment of 96.40 Euros and 99 Euros, four days apart, from a company called 'La Manga Club, Los Belones Car'. Having a further look on the credit card swipe they gave me, I noticed a payment of 96.40 Euros at the bottom that I hadn't been notified of.

I immediately rang Holiday Autos - who have been DREADFUL at helping me and dealing with this situation. When I told them what happened (after having emailed my complaint as they don't have a customer service line to call), they called back a week later to say they'd spoken with Goldcar, who said the charge hadn't come from them and that was that. Naturally I objected, claiming I had the swipe from them, but when I looked closer I noticed the address on the swipe wasn't Goldcar, Murcia airport, but La Manga Club. The people at Goldcar were telling Holiday Autos that I must have gone and hired another car there (let's not even bother asking about the logic of why I would hire another car on the same night). When I asked the Holiday Autos rep to ask them about the excess - as they must have taken one since I didn't buy their insurance - they provided an final invoice which showed I'd approved a 600 Euro swipe on my Visa Debit card. Which I hadn't. This then became an issue of my word against their fake documentation, and I have lost. Holiday Autos have told me there is nothing they can do to help me, so American Express are now following up their own investigation, which could take 8 weeks. In the meantime, I am more than £190 out of pocket on what was meant to be a cheap rental.

I believe Goldcar (in Murcia airport at least) are running a scam. Banking on people not reading their statements properly, thus adding the odd amount on here and there and getting away with it,

My lesson is to not go for the cheapest car hire, read reviews extensively, and share this on every forum so no one ever has the misfortune of dealing with Goldcar's thieving and Holiday Auto's inadequate and upsetting service. (Apologies if you read this elsewhere in another forum but I am going to try and post this as extensively as possible)

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